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The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal is an official publication of the Chief of the Air Staff and is published quarterly. It is a forum for discussing concepts, issues and ideas that are both crucial and central to aerospace power. The journal is dedicated to disseminating the ideas and opinions of not only Air Force personnel, but also those civilians who have an interest in issues of aerospace power.

Articles may cover the scope of Air Force doctrine, training, leadership, lessons learned, and Air Force operations: past, present or future. Submissions on related subjects such as ethics, technology, and Air Force history are also invited.

This Journal is therefore dedicated to the expression of mature professional thought on the art and science of air warfare, and is central to the intellectual health of the Air Force. It serves as a vehicle for the continuing education and professional development of all ranks and personnel in the Air Force, as well as members from other environments, employees of government agencies, and academia concerned with Air Force affairs.

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2023 - Volume 12, Issue 2

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