The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal - 2014 Volume 3, Issue 2

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Cover of RCAF Journal 2014 Volume 3 Issue 2

Editor’s Message (PDF, 262KB)
Major Bill March, CD

Letters to the Editor (PDF, 194KB)
Keith Hyde, Aviation historian and Paul Peacey, Warrant Officer (Retired, Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator)

"A Very Good Show”: The RCAF and Exercise NORTHERN CRUISE, 1948 (PDF, 1,742KB)
Dr. Richard Mayne, CD, PhD

Command or Control? Considerations for the Employment of Air Power in Joint Operations (PDF, 1,435KB)
Article #1 in a series on command and control and the Royal Canadian Air Force
Major Pux Barnes, CD, MA

It Ain’t Easy! Training a Canadian Fighter Pilot (PDF, 1,298KB)
Major Ian DeCarlo, CD

A Knowledge-Management Proposal for the RCAF (PDF, 878KB)
Brigadier-General G. E. Sharpe, OMM, CD (Retired) and Brigadier-General T. F. J. Leversedge, CD (Retired)

Precision Approach Radars Decommission in Trenton, Bagotville and Comox (PDF, 2,486KB)
Reprint from Communication and Electronics Branch Newsletter, Volume 60, Winter 2013

Subjective Impressions in the Archives: Britain’s National Archives as a Source for Personal Accounts, and Personal Opinions, of Air Warfare, 1914–1918 (PDF, 2,096KB)
A. D. Harvey

Hold Fast to Your Dreams: Passionate Desire Turns Dreams into Reality (PDF, 476KB)
By George Lee, MBE
Review by Lieutenant-Colonel Ken Bailey, CD

Mobilize! Why Canada Was Unprepared for the Second World War (PDF, 417KB)
By Larry D. Rose
Review by Captain Liz Allard, CD

Soldiers Blue: How Bomber Command and Area Bombing Helped Win the Second World War (PDF, 356KB)
By David L. Bashow
Review by Colonel P. J. Williams, CD

Copies may be available, contact:
Production Manager, CFAWC
CSN 827-4385

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