RCAF Journal - FALL 2016 - Volume 5, Issue 4

  • Editor's Message
    Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Moulton, CD, MBA
  • McNaughton and the Evolution of Canadian Tactical Air Power: A Cautionary Tale of the Limits to Junior-Alliance-Partner Innovations
    Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Johnston,CD
  • Countering the Small-Unmanned-Aircraft-System Threat to the Canadian Armed Forces
    Major Dan Walters, CD, MDS
  • Command Imperative to Targeting: Canadian Armed Forces Effectiveness in Targeting with Air Power during Operations MOBILE and IMPACT
    Lieutenant-Colonel Jared Penney, CD
  • Cyber Warfare Schools of Thought: Bridging the Epistemological/Ontological Divide, Part 2
    Lieutenant-Colonel P. E. C. Martin, CD, MDS, MASc

  • Air Power History: Turning Points from Kitty Hawk to Kosovo
    Edited by Sebastian Cox and Peter Gray
    Review by Lieutenant-Colonel Pux Barnes, CD, MA
  • The Bridge to Airpower: Logistics Support for Royal Flying Corps Operations on the Western Front, 1914-1918
    By Peter Dye
    Review by Major William March, CD, MA
  • Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security
    By Sarah Chayes
    Review by Major Chris Buckham, CD, MA
  • Unblinking and Unheralded: Canada's ISR Contribution to Operation IMPACT
    Lieutenant-Colonel Brendan Cook, MSM, CD

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