RCAF Journal - SUMMER 2017 - Volume 6, Issue 3

  • Editor-in Chief's Message
    Colonel Shayne Elder, MSC, MA
  • Editor’s Message
    Major James Pierotti, CD, MA
  • The Renewal of Strategic Airpower
    Captain Kevin Foster
  • Operation DESERT STORM: Air Power Capabilities in Practice
    Major Nathan Burgess, CD, MA
  • Wishful Thinking? Air Integration, Dieppe, 19 August 1942
    Major Bill March, CD, MA
  • Charting a Different Course: Search and Rescue Origins in Canada
    Major James Pierotti, CD, MA
  • Separating “Space” from Aerospace: A Case for Canadian Forces Space Doctrine
    Major Matthew Thompson, USAF, MAS, MDS
  • Bombing to Win: Air Power and Coercion in War
    By Robert A. Pape
    Review by Major Levon Bond, MA
  • Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War
    By Peter W. Singer and August Cole
    Review by Major David Johnston, CD
  • Air Mobility Releases: The RCAF's Canary in a Coal Mine
    Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Kozak, CD

Copies may be available, contact:
Production Manager, CFAWC
CSN 827-4385

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