RCAF Journal - FALL 2017 - Volume 6, Issue 4

  • Editor's Message
    Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Moulton, CD, MBA
  • The Air Power Operations Course
    Major Petra Smith, MA (English), MA (War Studies)
  • The Future of Canadian Military Aviation in the Modern Geopolitical Landscape
    Major Lara Jennings, CD, MA
  • The Half-Built Road: Implementation of the Road to Mental Readiness Training Programme in the RCAF
    Captain Chantal Brien
  • Suggested Improvements for RCAF Major Procurements
    Captain Jonathan Brière, CD, MEng
  • Using Kaplan's Balanced Score Card to Measure RCAF Performance
    Major Jamie Wilson
  • POINT: Cherry-Picking Boyd
    Captain Alex Gignac
  • COUNTERPOINT: Flawed Heroes: Colonel John Boyd's Failed Leadership
    Captain Rebecca L. Wynn, USAF
  • Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
    By Robert Coram
    Review by Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Moulton, CD, MBA

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