RCAF Journal - SUMMER 2019 - Volume 8, Issue 3

  • Editor's Message
    Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Moulton, CD, MBA
  • AI and the Kill Chain
    Captain D. P. Deluce
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Contributions to Space Debris Mitigation
    Captain N. J. K. Mahon
  • RCAF Procurement: Canadianization is Not the Best Fit for Canada
    Captain A. M. Gagné, CD, MA, CAPM
  • Towards a Greener Future: Complex Considerations of Alternative Jet Fuels
    Major J. M. Campbell, CD
  • Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty and the Northwest Passage: Sovereignty Foremost or Enhanced Global Strategy?
    Captain Jaclyn Deutsch
  • Air Power in COIN: An Instrument of Politics
    Captain P. L. Lafontaine, BBA, MA
  • ASPOC 1703 – From the Other Side
    Captain R. J. Millen, CD

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