Royal Canadian Air Force Journal - SUMMER/FALL 2021 - Volume 10, Issue 3

In this Issue:

  • Editor's Message

    Major Derrek Williamson, CD, P.Log

  • Review of Existing Sustainment Solutions through the Sustainment-Business-Case-Analysis Lens

    Major Kevin Pearce (Retired), CD, P Eng, M Eng

  • The Diversity Paradox: Counterintuitively Counterproductive

    Lieutenant-Colonel Philip J. Desmarais, CD, MDS

  • They Serve That Men May Fly

    Officer Cadet Rebecca Karelse

  • “To Bring About the Ultimate Transition”: The USAAF’s 1944–45 Scheme to Re-Equip RCAF Bomber Squadrons for Service in the Pacific

    Peter Rayls

In this Issue:

  • A Canadian Kessel Run: Smuggling an Agile/DevOps Capability into the RCAF/CAF/DND

    Major Barry Tang

Book Reviews

  • To Defeat the Few: The Luftwaffe’s Campaign to Destroy RAF Fighter Command, August–September 1940, by Douglas C. Dildy and Paul F. Crickmore

    Chris Buckham

  • The Spitfire Luck of Skeets Ogilvie: From the Battle of Britain to the Great Escape, by Keith C. Ogilvie

    Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Moulton (Retired)

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