The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal Editorial Staff

Oversight Chair: Colonel Allan Ferriss, MSMCD – RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre

Oversight Board: Representatives from the Air Staff and each Division

Editor-in-Chief: Lieutenant Colonel Paul Johnston, CDPhD – RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre

Richard Mayne, CDPhD – RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre

Allan English, CDPhD – Queen’s University

James Fergusson, PhD – University of Manitoba

Stephen Harris, CDPhD – Directorate of History and Heritage

Raymond Stouffer, CDPhD – Royal Military College of Canada

Randall Wakelam, CDPhD – Royal Military College of Canada

Richard Goette, PhD – Canadian Forces College

Mike Bechthold, PhD – Wilfrid Laurier University

Cathy Murphy – Canadian Forces College

Assistant Editors: Adri Boodoosingh, Leah Fallis and Vickie Thobo-Carlsen

Graphic Design: Cara Hunter and Baz Kanda

Online Edition: Christine Rodych

Production Manager: Denis Langlois

RCAF Aerospace Warfare Centre
8 Wing Trenton
Box 1000 Stn Forces
Astra, ON
K0K 3W0
Attn: LCol Paul Johnston


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