Combined Space Operations Vision 2031

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Partners in national security space operations leading as responsible actors and seeking and prepared to protect and defend against hostile space activities in accordance with applicable international law.

Generate and improve cooperation, coordination, and interoperability opportunities to sustain freedom of action in space, optimize resources, enhance mission assurance and resilience, and prevent conflict.

Space is integral to modern multi-domain military operations and provides strategic advantage. Space-based capabilities deliver a wide range of effects that underpin daily life, including communications, navigation, remote sensing, Earth observation, weather services, and financial transactions. Maintaining and supporting the availability of these capabilities are in the interest of each nation. Continued delivery of these capabilities requires complete access to and freedom to operate in space.

Space has evolved into a contested and congested operational domain. As space becomes more crowded, the security and stability of this critical domain are endangered. Some nations have developed capabilities designed to deny, degrade, and disrupt access to and utilization of space-based capabilities. These nations have demonstrated the ability to hold space-based capabilities at risk and to target critical assets in an effort to reduce our military effectiveness in a crisis or conflict. Further, the lack of widely accepted norms of responsible behavior and historical practice increases the possibility of misperceptions and the risks of escalation.

The convergence of these factors creates compelling strategic and operational urgency that serves as a call to action. We share a desire to accelerate and improve our ability to conduct combined military space operations, as responsible space actors, in order to maintain security and prevent escalation in space and on Earth. We seek to be prepared to protect our national interests and the peaceful use of space.

The following guiding principles are shared broadly among the Participants in the Combined Space Operations (CSpO) Initiative Memorandum of Understanding:

To realize our vision and mission, CSpO Participants affirm the following objectives to guide our national and collective actions:

The CSpO Participants seek to achieve the shared objectives outlined above through several lines of effort (LOE). The following LOEs provide a framework to guide the national and collective efforts of CSpO Participants:

The CSpO Participants are committed to pursuing the above objectives and lines of effort in alignment with our shared guiding principles to achieve our national and collective interests. The expansive opportunities and challenges presented by the rapidly changing space domain require collaboration to enhance responsible behavior and promote a secure, stable, and sustainable domain. Through our discussions and working group activities, we intend to implement national and collective efforts towards those ends.

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