Op Lentus - Aviator Elsa Gilroy Air Operations Support Technician

Video / December 13, 2021


On the screen text: Aviator Elsa Gilroy, Air Operations Support Technician

Aviator Elsa Gilroy: I am an Air Operations Support Technician here at 442 Squadron. My day to day job is to support Search and Rescue in whatever means required. On November 15th I came into work, usual work day I was asked to board the 906 the third rescue Cormorant and go out to Agassiz to help with the evacuation. A SAR Tech and I got dropped on the ground in Agassiz our task was to get an accurate count of how many people needed evacuation after triaging and organizing people we briefed them on a safe approach to the aircraft escorted them to the aircraft and assisted them in getting aboard, and making sure people got buckled up.

A usual day, I’m a support staff here so I don’t go operational  but because of my background in fire, I’ve been a firefighter in Comox for 10 years so I was asked for that reason to provide a bit of extra hands on the ground.

Text on screen: National Defence, Canada, ©Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Deparment of National Defence, 2021

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