Air and Space Integration Programme

The Air and Space Integration Programme’s (ASIP’s) mission is all about supporting improved readiness. Once appropriately resourced, ASIP will supply the tactical multidomain knowledge necessary for aviators, as force packages, to integrate diverse air, land, maritime, special operations, space, cyber and intelligence capabilities for the successful execution of RCAF mission sets in contested, degraded and operationally limited environments. ASIP will also provide the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) with operational-planning support and capability-development support for key transformational capabilities and projects.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre (RCAF AWC) realigned its force structure in December 2019 to support the newly approved ASIP—an initiative primarily led and enabled by the Air Reserve—using a modernized approach to Reserve staffing and employment, including the optimized use of remote-work arrangements and flexible scheduling, as well as some Regular Force direct-entry options. ASIP was initially executed as a 2–3 year trial to ensure that the resourcing model and functional approach were sound prior to the eventual formalization of the structure as 128 Air and Space Integration Wing; however, its associated functions remain as enduring and enabling capability requirements for the RCAF.


Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre
8 Wing Trenton
Box 1000 Stn Forces
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