Historical aircraft

Aircraft Manufacturer Canadian numerical or name designation
Aircobra - P-39 Bell P-39 Airacobra
Albacore Fairey Albacore
Albatross Grumman CSR-110 Albatross
Anson (652A / AT-20) Avro Anson
Arcturus (Lockheed 85 / P3) Lockheed CP-140A Arcturas
Argus (CL-28-1 / 2) Canadair CP-107 Argus
Argus (Fairchild 24H / R) Fairchild ARgus
Arrow (CF-105) Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow
Astra (Grob G 120A) - Leased Grob CT-102 Astra
Atlas Armstron Whitworth Atlas
Audax Hawker Audax
Auster AOP Auster Auster
Avenger (RCN Only) Grumman Avenger
Avian Minor and Major (Avro 616) Avro Avro 616
Avro 504 Avro Avro 504
Baltimore (Martin 187) Martin Baltimore
Banshee (F2H-3) (RCN Only) McDonnell F2H-3
Barkley Grow T8P-1 Barkley Grow T8P-1
Battle Fairey Battle
Beaufighter (RAF owned) Bristol Beaufighter
Beaufort (Bristol 152) Bristol Beaufort
Beechcraft D-17DS (Loan from DoT) Beechcraft D-17DS
Bermuda (Brewster 340) Brewster Bermuda
Bestmann - Bu.180 Brewster Bu. 180
Bird Dog (Cessna 305 / L-19) Cessna CO-119
Blenheim (Bristol 142M) Bristol Blenheim
Boeing 247D Boeing 247D
Bolingbroke (Bristol 142M) Bristol Bolingbroke
Boston (Douglas DB-7B / A-20G) Douglas Boston
Boxcar (C-119F Flying Boxcar) Fairchild Boxcar
Buffalo (CC-115)
Camel (Sopwith 1F.1 / 2F.1) Sopwith Camel
Canso / Catalina Consolidated Canso
Canuck (CF-100) Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck
Canuck (Curtiss JN-4) Curtiss JN-4 Canuck
Caribou (DHC 4 / YAC-1 /CV-2A) De Havilland Canada CC-108 Caribou
Catalina Consolidated Catalina
Cessna 182 / L-182 Cessna CO-119
Chickasaw (S-55 / RCAF H-19 / RCN HO4S-3) Sikorsky Chickasaw
Chinook (CH-47C/D) Boeing Chinook
Chipmunk 2 (DHC 1A-1 / B-2) De Havilland Canada CT-120
Choctaw (S-58 / H-34A) Sikorsky CH-126 Choctaw
Cirrus Moth De Havilland Cirrus Moth
Comet (De Havilland DH 106) De Havilland Comet
Cornell (Fairchild M-62A-4) Fairchild Cornell
Cosmopolitan (CL-66 / CL-540) Canadair CC-109
Courier (Consolidated 0-17) Consolidated O-17
Crane (Cessna T-50) Cessna Crane
Cub Coupe - Piper J4A (RAF Owned) Piper Cub Coupe
Curtiss H-16 Curtiss H-16
Curtiss HS-2L Curtiss HS-2L
Cygnet (RAF Owned) Cygnet
Dakota (Douglas C-47) Douglas Dakota
Dash 7 (DHC 7) De Havilland Canada CC-132 Dash-7
Dash 8 (DHC 8) De Havilland Canada CC-142 Dash-8
De Havilland DH 4 De Havilland DH-4
De Havilland DH 9A De Havilland DH-9
Defiant (RAF owned) Boulton Paul Defiant
Delta Northrop Delta
Digby (DB-1 / B-18A) Douglas Digby
Dolphin (Sopwith 5F.1) Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin
Dominie (RAF Owned) DH Dominie
Douglas MO-2B Douglas MO-2B
Dragonfly (DH 90) De Havilland DH-90 Dragonfly
Dragonfly (S-51 / H-5) Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly
Dynavert (CL-84)(CX-131) Canadair CX-84 Dynavert
Eagle - b.A. (RAF Owned) B.A. Wagle
Empire Flying Boat (S-23M) Short S-23M
Expeditor (Beechcraft 18 / D-18S / C-45) Beechcraft Expeditor
F.2B Fighter Bristol F.2B Fighter
Fairchild 51 / 51A Fairchild Fairchild 51
Fairchild 71 / 71B / 71C Fairchild Fairchild 71
Fairchild FC-2 / 2L / 2W Fairchild Fairchild FC-2
Fairchild KR-34 Fairchild Fairchild KR-34
Fairchild Super 71P Fairchild Super 71P
Falcon (Dassault 20D) Dassault CC-117 Falcon
Fawn II (Fleet 7B / C) Fleet Fawn
Felixstowe F.3 Felixstowe F.3
Finch (Fleet 16B / R) Fleet Finch
Firefly (RCN Only) Fairey AS 5
Firefly (Slingsby T67C3) Slingsby CT-111 Firefly
Flying Fortress (Boeing 299 / B-17) Boeing B-17F
Focke Wulf Fw-190F-8 Focke Wulf Fw-190
Fort (Fleet 60) Fleet Fort
Fox Moth (DH 83) De Havilland DH-83
Freedom Fighter (CL-219) Canadair Freedom Fighter
Freighter (Bristol 170) Bristol Freighter
Freighter (Fleet 50K) Fleet Fleet 50K
Genet Moth (DH 60) De Havilland DH-60
Goblin (Grumman G-23) Grumman G-23
Goose (Grumman G-21A) Grumman G-21A
Gypsy Moth De Havilland Gypsy Moth
Hadrian (Waco CG-4A) - Hadrian II Waco CG-4A Hadrian
Halifax (HP 57 / 61) Handley Page Halifax
Hampden Handley Page Hampden
Harrow (Handley Page HP 54) Handley Page HP-54 Harrow
Hart Hawker Hart
Harvard (NA 49 / 61 / 66 / 75 / 76 / 81) North American Harvard
Hawk Moth (DH 75A) De Havilland DH-75 Hawk Moth
Helix - KA-32 (Leased) Kamov KH-32 Helix
Hind Hawker Hind
Hip (Mi1-17-V5 / Hip H) - Leased Mil CH-178 Hip
Hornet Moth (DH-87) (RAF Loan) De Havilland DH-87 Hornet Moth
Horsa Airspeed Horsa
Hotspur General Aircraft Hotspur
Hudson (Lockheed L-214 / L-414) Lockheed Hudson
Hurricane Hawker Hurricane
Iroquois (Bell 205 / CUH-1H) Bell CH-118 Iroquois
Ju-88H-1 Junkers Ju-88
Kaydet / Stearman (D-75N1 / A-75N1) Stearman PT-27 Stearman
King Air (Beechcraft C-90A / C-12 / 300 / CT-145) Beechcraft King Air
Kiowa (Bell 206 / COH-58A) Bell CH-136 Kiowa
Kittyhawk (P-40) Curtiss Kittyhawk
Labrador / Voyageur Boeing Vertol CH-113
Lancaster (Avro 683) Avro Lancaster
Lerwick MK. I (RAF Owned) Saunders-Roe Lerwick
Liberator (B-24D / G / J) Consolidated Liberator
Lincoln (Avro 694B) Avro Lincoln
Lockheed 10A / B Lockheed Lockhead 10
Lockheed 12A Lockheed 12A
Lockheed 212 Lockheed 212
Lodestar (Lockheed 18-56) Lockheed Lodestar
Lysander Westland Lysander
Macchi C.202 Macchi C.202
Magister (RAF Owned) Miles Magister
Mailwing (Pitcairn PA-5) Pitcairn PA-5 Mailwing
Manchester (RAF Owned) Avro Manchester
Martinet (RAF Owned) Miles Martinet
Martinsyde F6 Martinsyde F.6
Master (RAF Owned) Miles Master
MBB BK-117-A3D MBB CH-143
Menasco Moth De Havilland Moth
Mentor (Beechcraft 45 / T-34) Beechcraft T-34
Messerschmitt BF-108 Messerschmitt BF-108
Messerschmitt BF-109G-10 Messerschmitt Me-109
Meteor (Gloster G.41) Gloster Meteor
Mitchell (NA 62 / 87 / 108 - B-25) North American Mitchell
Mosquito (DH 98) De Havilland Mosquito
Moth (DH 60) De Havilland DH-60 Moth
Musketeer (Beechcraft B-23) Beechcraft CT-134 Musketeer
Mustang (Mk. 1, Mk.3, Mk. 4 , P-51D) North American Mustang
Neptune (P2V-7) Lockheed CP-122 Neptune
Nomad (UH-12E) Hiller CH-112 Nomad
Nomad (A-17A) Northrop A-17 Nomad
Norseman Noorduyn Norseman
North American NA-26 44 - Harvard ? North American NA-26-44
North Star Canadair North Star
Otter (DHC 3) De Havilland Canada Otter
Oxford (A.S. 10 / 24) Airspeed Oxford
Pacemaker (CH-300 / 30 / 31) Bellanca Pacemaker
Phoenix (RAF Owned) Heston Phoenix
Prefect (Avro 626) Avro Avro 626
Prentice (Percival P.40) Percival Printice
Privateer (Consolidated 32 / RY-3) Consolidated Privateer
Proctor Mk. III (RAF Owned) Percival Proctor
Puffer Keystone Puffer
Puss Moth (DH 80A) De Havilland DH-80A Puss Moth
Rambler Curtiss-Reid Rambler
Reliant (Stinson SR-7B) - (DND Owned) Stinson


Retriever (HUP-3) (RCN Only) Piasecki HUP-3 Retriever
Roc (RAF Owned) Blackburn Roc
Sabre (CL-13) Canadair Sabre
Schweizer SGS 2-12 / TG-3 Schweizer SGS 2-12
Scout (Bellanca 8GCBC) Bellanca Scout
S.E.5a Royal Aircraft Factory S.E. 5a
Sea Fury (RCN Only) Hawker Seafury
Sea Hornet (DH 103) De Havilland Sea Hornet DH-103
Sea Hurricane Hawker Hawker
Sea King (S-61 / RCN CHSS-2) Sikorsky CH-124
Seafire (Supermarine 377) (RCN Only) Supermarine Seafire
Seamew (Mk.1) Curtiss Seamew
Shark Blackburn Shark
Silver Star (CL-30 / T-33A) Lockheed / Canadair Silverstar
Sioux (Bell 47 / H-13B, HTL-4,6) Bell Sioux
Siskin Armstron Whitworth Siskin
Snipe (Sopwith 7F.1) Sopwith Snipe
Spitfire Supermarine Spitfire
Starfighter (CL-90) Canadair


Stinson HW-75 (RCAF 105) Stinson Stinson
Storch - Fi-156 Fieseler Storch
Stranraer Supermarine Stranraer
Stratojet (Boeing 450 / B-47B) Boeing B-47
Stratoliner (Boeing 707-347C) Boeing CC-137
Stuka - Ju-87D-5 Junkers Ju-87 Stuka
Sunderland (RAF Owned) Shorts Sunderland
Super Universal (Fleet 6-AT-AS) Fleet Super Universal
Swordfish Fairey Swordfish
Tempest (RCN - Test) Hawker Tempest
Texan (AT-6) North American Texan
Tiger Moth (DH 82) De Havilland DH-82
Tomahawk (P-40) Curtiss Tomahawk
Tomtit Hawker Tomtit
Tracker (Grumman G-89 / CS2F) De Havilland Canada Tracker
Transatlantic (Fairey IIIC / IIIF) Fairey Fairey III
Trimotor Ford Trimotor
Tutor (Avro 621) Avro Avro 621
Twin Huey (Bell 212 / CUH-1N) Bell CH-135
Tyohoon Hawker Typhoon
Valetta C.1 Vickers Valetta
Vampire (DH 100) De Havilland Vampire
Vancouver Canadian Vickers Vancouver
Vanessa Canadian Vickers Vanessa
Varuna Canadian Vickers Varuna
Vedette Canadian Vickers Vedette
Vega Gull (RAF Owned) Percival Vega Gull
Velos Canadian Vickers Velos
Ventura (Lockheed-Vega 37 V-146) Lockheed-Vega Ventura
Vertol H-44A Vertol CH-127
Vigil Canadian Vickers Vigil
Viking Vickers Viking
Viper (Avro 552A) Avro Avro 552A Viper
Vista Canadian Vickers Vista
Voodoo (F-101) McDonnell CF-101 Vodoo
Waco AQC-6 Waco AQC-6
Waco CG-15A Waco CG-15A
Waco PG-2A Waco PG-2A
Waco ZQC-6 Waco ZQC-6
Walrus Supermarine Walrus
Wapiti Westland Wapiti
Warhawk (P-40) Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
Wellington (RAF owned) Vickers Wellington
Westwind 1124 IAI Westwind
Whitley Armstrong Whitley
Widgeon J4F J4F Widgeon
Workhorse (RCAF H-21A / B) Vertol CH-125 Workhorse
Wright (Avro 504) Avro Wright
Yale (NA-64) North American Yale
Yukon (CL-44-6) Canadair CC-106 Yukon

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