Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre joining instructions

The mission of the Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre (CFASC) is to select military aircrew who have the aptitude to successfully lead, plan, and execute the application of Aerospace Power across the full spectrum of military operations; from domestic peacetime support to full combat operations abroad.

All Pilot, Aerospace Control Officer (AEC), and Air Combat Systems Officer (ACSO) candidates must attend aircrew selection at CFASC, located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) / 8 Wing Trenton, and meet the minimum standards on the aircrew selection testing for which they are applying. All candidates will be tested for all three occupations. Candidates are encouraged to arrive at CFASC well-rested, alert, and healthy, as the aircrew selection testing is cognitively demanding.

The computer based aptitude testing involves the measurement of a candidate’s abilities in a number of cognitive domains that have been linked to job and training success specific to the occupation(s) of choice. Such domains include strategic task management, perceptual processing, short term memory and capacity, spatial reasoning, symbolic reasoning, central information processing, and psychomotor abilities. Each cognitive domain includes a number of aptitude tests specific to that domain. Such aptitude tests include measures of the following abilities (see the Aircrew Selection Testing – Candidate Guide for more detailed information):

  1. Simple mental math (division, subtraction, multiplication and addition)
  2. Problem solving (time/speed/distance formula and fuel consumption)
  3. Short term memory (digit and letter recall)
  4. Estimation of angles and bearings
  5. Multi-tasking
  6. Aircraft instrument comprehension
  7. Spatial reasoning (interpreting 3D from 2D representations and vice versa)
  8. Reasoning/logic (systems)
  9. Psychomotor ability (hand-eye-foot and hand-eye coordination)
  10. Vigilance, attention to detail, and situational awareness

All candidates must read the Candidate Guide and watch the video at the following links:

Candidates attending aircrew selection should treat this assessment process as an extension of the job interview. As such, all candidates, regardless of entry plan, will wear smart casual civilian clothing (no rips/holes). The following items of clothing are NOT permitted during working hours: gym clothes, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops or sandals. Flat-soled footwear is highly recommended. CFASC is a scent free environment; cologne and perfume are NOT permitted.

There will be a minimal amount of free time for candidates while at CFASC, candidates are expected to maintain a professional manner both on and off the base.

Candidates are also encouraged to bring toiletries in addition to their civilian clothing. Fitness gear is optional. It is recommended that candidates bring an extra upper layer of clothing (ex. long sleeve shirt, sweater, etc.), as the testing lab is temperature controlled and some may find it cool.

As CFASC is located on a Canadian Forces (CF) base, all candidates MUST be in possession of a photo ID to access certain areas. As well, candidates MUST have access to a copy of these Joining Instructions (JIs) at all time. It is highly recommended that anyone accompanying the candidate or providing transportation to the candidate should have a photo ID and a copy of these JIs in order to be admitted onto DND property.

Upon arrival at accommodations, candidates must request a welcome package (blue folder) from the front desk staff. This folder contains:

The Personal Emergency Notification and Non-Disclosure Agreement must be completed and signed prior to your arrival at CFASC.


All candidates must be issued a travel claim by their unit or recruiting centre. This is their authority for undertaking travel as aircrew candidates.

Using the financial coding provided on the course loading message, please book candidate according to one of the following categories:

Flights to Toronto should be booked for the Sunday (Saturday for candidates travelling from BC and Northern Territories) [A serial] or Tuesday (Monday for candidates travelling from BC and Northern Territories) [B serial] preceding selection. Return flights shall be booked no earlier than 1900hrs Tuesday [A serial] or Thursday [B serial] to allow sufficient travel time between CFB Trenton and the Toronto Pearson Airport. If no flights are available beyond this time, a return flight should be booked for the following day. Candidates will be required to book their own hotel room for their overnight stay in Toronto.

Candidates should reserve their own one-way transportation (Toronto to Trenton) on-line or by phone, prior to arriving at Toronto Airport.

Toronto residents who wish to return to Toronto with military transportation must call CFASC ahead of time to make arrangements. Only 1 stop will be available: Pearson Airport.

Ontario Coachway:


Please Note – Candidates who travel with Megabus need to be at minimum of 17 years old

Candidates should purchase a round-trip train ticket to Belleville station or a round-trip bus ticket to Trenton. Return tickets shall be booked no earlier than 1500hrs on Tuesday [A serial] or Thursday [B serial]. Candidates will need to arrange a taxi for travel between Belleville or Trenton stations and the Yukon Lodge accommodations on base.

*Candidates must read the COVID-19 policy of their selected civilian transportation provider and abide by this policy.*

Candidates will be free to leave after completion of CFASC screening and debrief. Candidates must have a photo ID and access to these JIs to enter DND property.

Rental vehicles are not authorized.

Candidate accommodations and meals are arranged and paid for by CFASC while at CFB Trenton.

All aircrew selection candidates are to pick up a welcome package at the Yukon Lodge reception desk (open 24 hours), located at 65 Yukon Street, CFB Trenton (see enclosed map of 8 Wing Trenton). All aircrew selection candidates, regardless of rank, will be provided similar accommodations at the Yukon Lodge.

Candidates will eat the majority of their meals at the Yukon Galley, which is located directly beside the Yukon Lodge (see enclosed map of 8 Wing Trenton).

The selection process begins on day 1 at 0820hrs at CFASC, 32 Buffalo Ave, 8 Wing Trenton. Candidates will receive instruction on CFASC testing procedures.

The aircrew selection testing generally takes approximately 8 hours to complete, and includes testing for the Pilot, AEC, and ACSO occupations. The first 4 hours are completed on day 1.

To gain exposure to the Air Operations occupations of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), RJPs of the Pilot, ACSO and AEC occupations are presented to all candidates. The briefing will commence at 1345hrs. The day normally concludes at approximately 1530hrs.


Candidates are highly encouraged to prepare their own questions for the question and answer period of the RJP.

The selection process begins on DAY 2 at 0800hrs at CFASC. The second half of the aircrew selection testing takes approximately 4 hours to complete. Upon completion of the testing, candidates will be counseled on their test performance.

Successful pilot candidates will undergo anthropometric (body) measurements at CFASC to determine suitability for RCAF aircraft cockpits.

Departure timings depend on the candidate’s individual travel arrangements.

CFASC Orderly Room: 613-392-2811 ext 7401 [Monday-Friday / 0800-1300hrs]


  1. Accomodations Office
  2. Yukon Lodge, 185 Hercules St
  3. All ranks dining facility (Yukon Galley)
  4. Candian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre
  5. Recreation centre
  6. Wing hospital/dental
  7. Outdoor pool
  8. Tennis courts
  9. CANEX south
  10. Chapel
  11. Indoor pool
  12. CANEX
  13. Credit union
  14. RCAF Flyers arena
  15. RCAF Memorial Museum

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