Flight Safety Course

The aim of this training is to prepare personnel to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Unit Flight Safety Officer, Deputy Unit Flight Safety Officer, Flight Safety Non-Commissioned Member (NCM) and to prepare personnel to carry out the supervisory duties and responsibilities of a Wing or Base Flight Safety Officer.

The Flight Safety Course (FSC) includes a number of guest lecturers covering a variety of related topics such as, Canadian Forces flight safety program, Wing Flight Safety Officer relationships, review of flight safety documents, cause factors, occurrence reports, investigation techniques, Crew Resource Management (CRM), risk management, surveys, preventive measures, laser safety, hazard report, accident investigation, flight safety promotion, causal chain, air weapons safety, human factors, program & development, and Smart Risk. Instruction will be a combination of lectures, demonstrations, guest presentations, discussions, and practical exercises. The major areas to be covered in the course are:

Course capacity is 30 students per serial. Preferred minimum rank is Captain who should be at least on his/her second tour. NCMs must be at least the rank of Sergeant.

The candidate should be from an Air Force classification.

The FSC is eight training days in length and utilizes the standard service hours during weekdays. The course is conducted 5 times per year.

The FSC is conducted by the Flight Safety staff of 1 Canadian Air Division at 17 Wing, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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