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“Duty above all”

5 Service Battalion (5 Svc Bn) is a tactical support unit that is able to support operational-level functions, on order and with augmentation. The Battalion is made up of competent, confident soldier-technicians who are able to carry out their mission alongside dedicated civilian employees who are ready to support them. Battalion members draw their pride from their professionalism and the knowledge that their work is important.

The Battalion is clearly focused on supporting operations, and its mission is renowned and recognized by all. The operational requirements placed on its personnel are understood, and conditions have been established that promote fluidity between force generation, sustainment and institutional support. Cohesive, credible, relevant and agile, 5 Svc Bn is made up of sub-units with separate functions and capabilities that, once synchronized, make it possible to accomplish the mission.

When it was created in 1968, the Battalion included all of the elements under the command of the chief of technical services. Those went on to become the transportation, supply and maintenance companies. Very few people had any idea what a service battalion was. The summer of 1969 marked the true beginning of 5 Svc Bn, with the Battalion’s participation in unit and brigade exercises.

In 1975, the administration company was created to back up or support combat arms units. The company was renamed the Service Company on July 31, 1979. Since then, 5 Svc Bn has consisted of a headquarters, including a logistics operations centre, and four companies: Transportation, Supply, Maintenance and Service.

That is how, over the course of 45 years, 5 Svc Bn has slowly become what it is today. In 2003, at the time of its 35th anniversary, the battalion, with the personnel from Technical Services who are seconded to it, was made up of over 485 Canadian Forces members and one civilian spanning 15 occupations and 13 officer classifications. Today, we have over 776 Canadian Forces members and 130 civilians. The organization’s flexibility and the dedication of its personnel continue to be its trademark and its strength. We can therefore declare, loudly and proudly, “Devoir avant tout”.

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5 Service Battailon
2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier, building 367
P.O. 1000, Succ Forces
Courcelette, QC G0A 4Z0

Phone: 418-844-5000, Ext. 5277

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