1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron

1 CMBG HQ and Sigs Badge

Swift, Skilled, Alert

1 Signal Squadron traces its heritage back to the formation of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals on October 24, 1903. In the early years of technical communications, small signal sections provided tactical communications for the Canadian Army’s various brigade headquarters.

The role of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (CMBG) Headquarters and Signal Squadron (Sg Sqn) is it to assist the Commander of 1 CMBG in accomplishing its mission, provide signals advice, and provide the Commander and his staff with the communications and information systems and close support necessary to exercise command and control over the formation.

1 CMBG HQ and Sig Sqn have and continue to consistently complete its missions with innovative personnel and state-of-the art equipment. These attributes have enabled the Squadron to become a National lead in the capability of deploying a Tactical Land Communications System while moving about the battle space and is an Army leader in extending secure and unsecure video, voice and data networks via Tactical Satellite and High Capacity Line of Sight infrastructure to a multitude of mobile Command Posts during foreign or domestic operations.

As the largest source in the Brigade of communication professionals, the unit regularly dispatches members on tours and tasking across Canada and around the world. Unit members have deployed with every operation mounted by the Brigade, both internationally (e.g. Operation PALLADIUM to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Operation KINETIC to Kosovo, Operation APOLLO and OP ATHENA to AFGHANISTAN) and domestically (e.g. Operation RECUPERATION during the ice storm in Ontario and Quebec, Operation ASSISTANCE during the Manitoba floods, and Operation GRIZZLY during the G8 Summit in the Kananaskis Valley). Unit members have also deployed on operations that have otherwise not impacted directly the units of the Brigade (Operation ADDITION to Ethiopia-Eritrea, Operation DANACA in the Golan Heights).

In July 1997, 1 CMBG HQ and Sig Sqn moved with most of the units of the Brigade from Calgary to Edmonton. All elements of the unit are housed in Building 400 in the Steele Barracks of the 3rd Canadian Division Support Base Edmonton.

  • Commanding Officer: Maj G.J. Barr
  • Regimental Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer S.R.J. Loyer

In 1958, the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade was re-designated the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Group and its headquarters was relocated to Calgary from Edmonton. On May 15, 1958 as part of this reorganization, 1 Signal Squadron was formed from elements of the 1 Canadian Divisional Signal Regiment in Borden Ontario. 1 Signal Squadron was located in Calgary.

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