The Royal Canadian Artillery Band - Members

  • Captain Bain
  • Sergeant Baker
  • Bombardier Hunt
  • Warrant Officer Parent
  • Sergeant Learmonth
  • Sergeant Lorway
  • Sergeant Spady
  • Bombardier Bae
  • Bombardier Semple
  • Sergeant Boisvert
  • Bombardier Oschefski
  • Bombardier Ouellette
  • Sergeant Kuo
  • Master Warrant Officer Keels
  • Sergeant Chaplin
  • Sergeant Maitland
  • Sergeant Walters
  • Bombardier Williams
  • Warrant Officer Gaw
  • Master Bombardier Coppell
  • Master Bombardier Simard
  • Master Warrant Officer Keels
  • Warrant Officer Pearce
  • Master Bombardier MacMillan
  • Bombardier Johnson
  • Warant Office Pain
  • Bombardier Uschold
  • Master Bombardier Denneboom
  • Bombardier Beaudoin
  • Bombardier Upham-Mills
  • Sergeant Richey
  • Bombardier Tucker

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For more information on The RCA Band, please visit our Facebook page at

The Royal Canadian Artillery Band offers a variety of compact discs encompassing many musical styles from classical wind ensemble and traditional marches to jazz and rock numbers.

To request free copies of these CDs, please send a message to The RCA Band Facebook page.

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