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As a partner of the Petawawa Community, the 4th Canadian Division Support Base (4 CDSB) Petawawa offers numerous outstanding services and programs to the community. Whether your interests lead you to our beautiful outdoor recreational areas or into our world-class fitness facilities, all residents of the Petawawa area are welcomed to enjoy the advantages that 4 CDSB Petawawa offers.

4 CDSB Petawawa provides support services to meet or exceed the requirements of the Units that exist on Garrison Petawawa. The Garrison is home to 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG), the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, 1 Canadian Field Hospital, 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron and a number of other Units.

Garrison Petawawa falls under the 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG), which is a formation level support organization of 4th Canadian Division (4 Div) and is headquartered in Toronto. 4 CDSG is responsible for overseeing service support primarily through Garrison Petawawa and Garrison Toronto. The type of support provided covers a wide range of services from providing accommodations for soldiers, feeding the troops, provision of range and training services and maintaining infrastructure. 4 CDSG Headquarters is located at Garrison Petawawa and has five units and three branches. The people who work in these branches are spread out between the two garrisons with the majority of the personnel working out of Petawawa.

The 4 CDSG mission is to provide garrison-based institutional support to all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) units within our area of responsibility in order to enable CAF to meet Canada’s defence obligations.

The Units and Branches of 4 CDSG:

  • 4 CDSB Personnel Services is responsible for the coordination and management of civilian and military human resources and services.
  • 4 CDSB Operations Services deals with day-to-day operations planning, emergency services and Ranges and training areas management.
  • 4 CDSB Technical Services plans and coordinates the provision of Garrison-based functions such as transportation, supply, maintenance and movement services in Garrison Petawawa and Garrison Toronto.
  • 4 CDSG Signal Squadron ensure the provision of non-tactical communications and information Technology services to 4th Canadian Division and supported lodger units in order to enable Canadian Armed Forces operational readiness and excellence.
  • 4 CDSB Corporate Services Branch is responsible for financial management and compliance.
  • 4 CDSB Environment Services Branch provides the environmental policy and services across 4th Canadian Division.
  • 4 CDSB Safety Services Branch maintains the safety and policy and services.

2 CMBG can be traced back as far as the Boer War, where its units won honours at Paardeberg and Leliefontien. 2 CMBG has participated in a multitude of Operations and taskings. Since 2003, members of 2 CMBG have played an instrumental role in Canada’s deployment to Afghanistan. Members of 2 CMBG will continue its roles in the defence of Canadian soil, participate in numerous peacekeeping missions around the world and will be available for emergency response missions in Canada.

  • Commander: Colonel J.C. Guiney, MSC, CD
  • Formation Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer T.B. Buchanan, MMM, MSM, CD

4th Canadian Division Support Base Petawawa Headquarters
Building S-111, 101 Menin Road
P.O. Box 9999, Stn Main
CFB Petawawa, Ontario K8H 2X3

Public Affairs Officer

Phone: 613-687-5511
Email: petawawapublicaffairs@forces.gc.ca

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