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The 4th Canadian Division (4 Cdn Div) is one of the five major formations that report to Army headquarters in Ottawa. 4 Cdn Div is responsible to provide combat ready land forces in accordance with assigned tasks, conduct general purpose training in preparation for various land operations, and provide support services to other organizations as directed or as mutually arranged. It includes all Regular and Reserve Force units in Ontario, with the exception of a portion of North Western Ontario, which falls under 3rd Canadian Division (3 Cdn Div).

The mission of 4 Cdn Div is to generate and maintain, at designated states of readiness, combat ready, multi-purpose land forces to meet Canada’s defence objectives, both at home and abroad. Members of 4 Cdn Div take part in continuous, challenging, individual and collective training to prepare them to achieve this mission.

4 Cdn Div is spread across 46 Ontario communities and comprises more than 13,000 men and women, including

  • 5,880 Regular Force members
  • 5,980 Reserve Force members
  • 620 Canadian Rangers
  • 1,140 civilian employees

Formations and Units of the 4th Canadian Division

The Regular Force units (with members working full-time) are most commonly found on bases and sites across the province. The two largest concentrations are the 4th Canadian Division Support Base Petawawa in the Ottawa Valley and Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

The 4 Cdn Div Headquarters is found at the Denison Armoury on the grounds of Downsview Park in north Toronto.


Soliders on snowmobiles at night

THE DIV PRES NEWSLETTER, April - September 2023

The culmination of a year of planning and collaboration across the division resulted in a smooth transition from the Contingency Phase to the Committed Phase of the Managed Readiness Plan (MRP). 4th Canadian Division’s (4 Cdn Div) soldiers and officers are poised to co-integrate into a single team, focused on excellence in operations, both domestic and expeditionary, and targeted force generation in equal measure. Balance, commitment and predictability are at the center of the 4 Cdn Div approach.

Commander, 4th Canadian Division

Commander: Brigadier-General J.J. Major, MSM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Jeramie G. Leamon, 4th Canadian Division

Sergeant-Major: Chief Warrant Officer Jeramie G. Leamon, MMM, CD

4th Canadian Division Headquarters
The LCol George Taylor Denison III Armoury
1 Yukon Lane
Toronto, Ontario M3K 0A1

Phone: Switchboard: 416-633-6200 (Operator 0)

Phone: 416-633-6200, Ext. 5505

You can also contact a public affairs representative with a specific formation or unit.

Media Liaison Office: 1-800-377-0811

Hours of Operations: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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