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Psychological Operations

We're the next challenge on your career path. We will introduce you to new ways of thinking about warfare, and new ways of executing in theatre. While on expeditionary operations you will work on the psychological plane, galvanizing support, winning hearts and minds, and shaping perceptions of specific target audiences to achieve victory.

Learn the tactics and strategy of influence, and connect with people across a wide spectrum of media. Work at the highest levels to plan, create and deliver messages that resonate. Come away ready for your next challenge, equipped with the tools and knowledge that set you apart.

The battles of the future will be fought to win hearts and minds. Be part of the decisive victories abroad.

Enhance your skill set in audio & visual media and marketing & advertising fields. Unlock a new world of possibilities.

What you need What you do What you learn
  • Be physically fit
  • Hold or be able to hold a DND 404
  • Have an openness to new cultures and ideas
  • Possess above-average soldier skills
  • Interact with foreign cultures in a threatre of operations
  • Distribute Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) products, and observe / report on peoples' reaction to key messages
  • Deploy as part of a multi-national task force, often as one of the first people on the ground
  • Mediate between actors from different cultures
  • Negotiate with people in potentially high-pressure and high-tension situations
  • Observe, interpret and react to peoples' behaviours and attitudes
What you need What you do What you learn
  • Ability to hold a Level 3 Security Clearance
  • Ability to understand what motivates people
  • Strategic-level thinking
  • Patience, thoroughness and familiarity with research tools and processes
  • Identify groups and individuals that can help achieve the mission
  • Identify vulnerabilities PSYOPS can use to influence individuals or groups
  • Make recommendations to commanders on areas where Psychological Operations can influence human behaviour
  • How to work with the intelligence community
  • Improve your analytical skills and cultural literacy
  • Work in a Headquarters
  • Obtain human intelligence through innovative, non-traditional means
What you need What you do What you learn
  • A creative personality
  • High degree of computer literacy
  • Working knowledge or familiarity with audio/visual production suites preferred
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Develop PSYOPS products with input from analysts, planners and other members of your team
  • Use your knowledge of audio/visual production to improve PSYOPS products
  • Anticipate and plan for technical problems before they arise
  • Advanced training in audio/visual production
  • How to work in a creative capacity, as part of a dynamic and multifaceted team
  • How to communicate messages and concepts through a range of media
What you need What you do What you learn
  • Hold the rank of Warrant Officer/Lieutenant or above
  • Army Officer Course (AOC) qualified preferred
  • Above-average leadership potential
  • The ability to coordinate teams of high-performing individuals
  • Liaise with Higher Headquarters
  • Plan and manage PSYOPS Companies and Platoons
  • Oversee the production and deployment of PSYOPS material
  • Provide focus and direction to analysts and creative professionals
  • Project management
  • PSYOPS, NATO Officer's and International Planners training courses
  • How to leverage PSYOPS talent to enhance command capability in an operational theatre

36 Canadian Brigade Group
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

WO Rob Shanahan
Telephone: 902-218-4397

37 Canadian Brigade Group
New Brunswick and Newfoundland

WO Rob Shanahan
Telephone: 902-218-4397

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