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5th Canadian Division (5 Cdn Div) is one of the five major formations that report to Army Headquarters in Ottawa.

5 Cdn Div is comprised of both Regular Force and Primary Reserve units in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador. It is responsible for Canadian Army operations and activities throughout Atlantic Canada and provides the Canadian Army with unique combat support enablers drawn from units from coast-to-coast.

In addition to four formations, 5 Cdn Div has a total of four Regular and 22 Reserve units, one combined Regular and Reserve Force unit, and five bands, situated in 30 separate communities throughout Atlantic Canada, while the headquarters of the Canadian Combat Support Brigade is situated in Kingston, Ontario.

The current area strength is approximately 6630 personnel, comprising about:

  • 2080 Regular Force members,
  • 2960 Reserve Force members,
  • 970 Canadian Rangers, and
  • 620 civilian personnel.

Formations and Units of the 5th Canadian Division

Chief Warrant Officer M. von Kalben

Division CWO
Chief Warrant Officer M. von Kalben, MMM, CD

5th Canadian Division
PO Box 99000 Stn Forces
Halifax, NS B3K 5X5

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