Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the SkyHawks

The SkyHawks parachute team is embarking on an exciting season of performances across Canada and the United States.  At air shows, sporting events, and festivals across Canada, they will continue to demonstrate professionalism, dedication, and teamwork.

Assembling the team is a complex and difficult endeavour. Team members are selected early in the year and undergo extensive training prior to the start of the season to ensure the highest level of professionalism and proficiency allowing them to perform complex parachute manoeuvres safely.

The Team is eager to resume its performance as this year will be a very special one. It will be a landmark year as they celebrate 50 years of performances. The SkyHawks look forward to rekindling their strong relationship with event organizers and the Canadian public.

If you’d like to host the SkyHawks at your public event next year, please ensure your request is received as soon as possible! Click on the “Book the team” link.

If you’re a Canadian Armed Forces member interested in joining the SkyHawks and representing the CAF through exciting parachute performances, click the “How to Join” link.

As always, the SkyHawks appreciate the interest of the public and look forward to seeing you at a performance. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information!

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