Employment with the Canadian Army

There are several ways you can become part of the Army team!

The Regular Force offers full-time career-oriented work. Education, good pay, a good pension and other benefits are part of joining the Regular Force. The training is intense but the rewards are great.

To join the Army Regular Force, you must contact a Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre near you or apply online. You can see a full list of available jobs in the Canadian Armed Forces here.

The Army Reserve offers part-time employment. You will learn valuable leadership and other skills while serving your community and your country. As a Reservist, you will typically serve with the Army between 30 and 45 days a year. Find out more about the Army Reserve here.

To join the Primary Reserve, contacting the armoury in your community or region. If you are looking for a particular trade, you must join a unit that offers that type of work. Each unit page lists the trades that the unit offers.

The Reserve Employment Opportunities searchable database has hundreds of current job opportunities for Reservists. Begin your search for Army-specific jobs. Or search across all the Canadian Armed Forces. Click on category headers to expand the results and pop up a customizable search box.

The Canadian Army Reserve’s Full-Time Summer Employment (FTSE) program provides opportuneness for students. Find out more about FTSE here.

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