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How to Search in the Fort Frontenac Library Catalogue

October 15, 2021

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The Library catalogue is accessed through the Canadian Army Command and Staff College home page. There is a button on the page that leads you to the home page for the Library itself.

From the Library home page you are able to perform searches to various levels of depth, depending on the information you have.

- A “Simple Search” will allow you to enter a title, author or subject but may provide you with an extensive list of titles that you will have to sift through to find suitable items.

- An “Advanced Search” will allow you to search more precisely by title, author, keyword or subject, and will create a more targeted list.

The column on the left side of the home page provides a number of links to other libraries and useful sites which will enhance your search. Particularly useful are the journal sites which link you to the most current writing on your subject. We are able to submit inter-library loans for items we do not have in our holdings.

Once you have chosen a particular title, you have access to expanded information on the entry. Apart from the Call Number that locates the book on the shelves, the listing provides further information on the title chosen: publication data, edition, maps, and illustrations. Under the heading ‘Subject’, links are provided to the subject categories under which the title has been entered, and will provide you with lists of other titles that will be related and relevant.

You can also tick the check boxes on the left side of the titles to create a list you can either email or print to aid in your search.

The staff are always available to assist in your searches, in person, by email or phone. Please see the contact information on the Fort Frontenac Library page, or contact us at our “+Fort Frontenac Library “ email.


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