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The Operational Planning Process

October 15, 2021

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The CF Operational Planning Process is a coordinated process to determine the best method of accomplishing assigned operational tasks and to plan possible future tasks. Planning may be inhibited by inadequate information, insufficient time and limited resources. The planning process is designed to optimize logical, analytical steps of decision making in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity.
CFJP 5-0, The CF Operational Planning Process

The aim of this handbook is to provide Army planners with a handy guide to the Operational Planning Process (OPP) as it is applied at the tactical level.

About the OPP
The OPP is the standard method for planning major operations in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It is a structured process, following a logical progression through:

  • The identification and analysis of a problem;
  • The development of options for solutions to the problem; and
  • The translation of conceptual options into a plan that can be executed by commanders.
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