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The Army Reserve in Canada—Soldier Information Handbook 2023

August 16, 2023 

Reading Time: 300 min

Serving Canada as part of the Army Reserve is a unique and rewarding experience. This handbook has been created by people who were once where you are now. It will provide you with information that will enrich your time in uniform, to demystify the experience and empower you. By being well-informed you can help yourself and also help others, a key element of good leadership.

This handbook is divided into three stages:

I. Pre-Enrolment

II. Just Enrolled

III. Later in your Career

If you are in the Army Reserve, everything in this manual will be pertinent to you at some point.

Scan the handbook over time as it is very dense. It does not replace policy but will provide you with an overview of many areas of interest, and links to more information and the actual policies. If any conflicts arise between this document and the official policy, the policy will take precedence.

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