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The Commander Canadian Army Reading List

August 1st, 2023

Welcome to the Commander Canadian Army’s Reading List

Continual professional development underpins the profession of arms, and reading offers us access to the experience, perspective, and expertise of others. The purpose of this reading list is to provide a starting point for all members of the Canadian Army for their professional reading. These books can help you learn about our shared history and culture of the Canadian Army, to think about ideas that may impact the future of warfare, and to reflect on the human aspects of being a soldier and leader. Regardless of your rank, all members of the Canadian Army are encouraged to read any of these books that interest them, and to search out books from areas that they may not already be familiar with. I encourage you to read, discuss, debate, and share your learning with those around you.

Lieutenant-General J.J.M.J. Paul, CMM, MSC, CD, Commander Canadian Army

Lieutenant-General J.J.M.J. Paul,

Review the article by General Wayne Eyre on Why We Study: Our Duty of Self-Development as Military Professionals.

Note: The resources of the CAF Virtual Library are available to members of the Canadian Armed Forces and employees of the Department of National Defence directly from the DIN, the CFC Academic network and the RMC Academic network.

To access selected databases remotely, please submit a CAFVL Registration Form: Off Campus Request.

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