Support for Families

Canadian soldiers and their families are well-supported. From the housing provided at many military bases across the country, to local deployment-related support for military families, they can count on quality services to meet the needs of Army life.

Local and nation-wide support centres or services within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) help soldiers and their families deal with the unique challenges of military life, such as deployment-related departures and reunions. Joining the Army can be a big adjustment for soldiers and their families. During the deployment or absence of a loved one (for training, for example), families can count on a variety of services at the local and national level.

Whether it’s the rear guard or a deployment support group or centre, military families can count on resources close to home when a loved one is deployed or away for an extended period of time.

In addition to local support, nationally coordinated organizations offer a wide range of information, programs and services to military families.

Family Information Line provides confidential, bilingual counselling services and information for military families. Call 1-800-866-4546.

Deployment Support for members and their families.

Military Family Resource Centres assume a central role in serving Canadian Armed Forces families and helping them deal with military lifestyle challenges. Some services include finding employment for relocated CAF families and assistance with Operational Stress Injuries.

Links to services and information for soldiers and their families to help with a successful military lifestyle.

Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour Resources
Learn about sexual misconduct and how the Canadian Armed Forces is addressing it.

You're Not Alone
Mental Health resources for CAF members and families

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