Atlantic Canada and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon


The Joint Commission includes four subcommittees that are each co-chaired by a Canadian and French representative.

Economic and Sustainable Development

This subcommittee seeks greater economic development in both countries by creating networks and partnerships. Opportunities for development include tourism, clean growth, agriculture, aquaculture as well as labour and skills development. 

Societal Matters

This subcommittee seeks greater societal ties among the populations of both territories by strengthening both English and French language skills, promoting cultural exchanges and sharing best practices in the areas of education and health. It also has a mandate to develop prevention strategies, training for medical staff, and sharing of health monitoring systems.


This subcommittee ensures that co-operative efforts in police and customs matters are maintained and strengthened. This could include common training, joint checks and surveillance in order to improve co-operation in marine rescue, address marine pollution and deal with security issues as they arise.

Environment and Science

Recognizing that we share a common regional environment, this subcommittee seeks to enhance collaboration, best practices and knowledge sharing in the areas of environmental protection, actions against climate change and biodiversity protection.          

Looking Forward

As good neighbours, Canada and France continue to strengthen their relationship by focusing on co-operative efforts and the development of future projects.

To achieve its goals, the Joint Commission relies on the ideas and energy of all those who seek to advance regional co-operation. Citizens from both regions are encouraged to contact the Joint Commission to share their ideas and concerns, and their desire to participate in regional co-operation.

For more information

To learn more about the Regional Joint Cooperation Commission between Atlantic Canada and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, please contact ACOA.

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