2018-19 Departmental Plan
Plans at a glance

In 2018-19, and in coming years, ACOA will work on fuelling an innovative, inclusive, modern economy in Atlantic Canada, in line with the Government of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan as well as with its regional component, the Investing in Regional Innovation and Development framework. ACOA, in collaboration with the other regional development agencies (RDAs), will support the delivery of the next steps of the Innovation and Skills Plan across all regions of Canada. This includes regionally tailored support for women entrepreneurs as part of the new Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, to support investments in women-led businesses, helping them scale and grow. The RDAs have been identified as one of four national flagship platforms for innovation programming. Over the coming year, ACOA and the other RDAs will streamline access to innovation program funding. The RDAs will also provide support for regional innovation ecosystems, including incubators and accelerators, and other third-party programs supporting mentorship, networking and skills development. In addition, funding will be dedicated to supporting skills development and economic diversification activities to help workers and communities in the Atlantic region adapt to Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Supporting a whole-of-government approach, the Agency, through its four regional offices, will work closely with other federal departments and the Atlantic provincial governments on collaborative and targeted efforts that build on the region’s strengths and competitive advantages. This includes continued collaboration on the Atlantic Growth Strategy, a unique initiative for Atlantic Canada with a particular focus on innovation, clean growth and climate change, tourism, and trade and investment. The following activities support these government priorities. They are also aligned with the goal to help Canadian businesses grow, innovate and export, as stated in the mandate letter for the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

Investing in the development, commercialization and adoption of innovative technologies

The Agency will support the efforts of businesses to invest in new technology, by making calculated contributions to share the risk and boost their chances of success. ACOA will:

Helping to grow globally competitive businesses and sectors

The Agency will invest in the innovation, productivity and growth of businesses and key industry sectors in Atlantic Canada, such as oceans, food, and information and communications technology (ICT), to position them to take advantage of global opportunities. ACOA will:

Helping communities diversify

The Agency will invest in inclusive growth and support measures to build a strong pool of skilled workers to strengthen communities and businesses for generations to come. ACOA will:

For more information on ACOA’s plans, priorities and planned results, see the “Planned results” section of this report.

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