About the Special Committee on Electoral Reform

The Special Committee on Electoral Reform is studying different federal electoral reforms and consulting Canadians. Based on their work, they will issue a report to the House of Commons with recommendations on federal electoral reform by December 1, 2016.

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Committee members

The Committee is comprised of 12 Members of Parliament from all five parties with members elected to the House of Commons.

Committee mandate

The committee will:

  • identify and study viable alternatives to the current federal electoral system, including preferential ballots and proportional representation, as well as mandatory and online voting;
  • consider potential changes to the federal electoral system against five guiding principles;
  • conduct meaningful and extensive consultations with Canadians, through cross-country travel, written submissions and online engagement opportunities;
  • invite all Members of Parliament to hold town halls with their constituents and issue a report to the committee from each of the 338 constituencies across Canada; and
  • study and advise on additional methods for obtaining the views of Canadians.

In addition, the House of Commons has asked that the committee develop its consultation agenda, working methods, and recommendations on electoral reform with the goal of strengthening the inclusion of all Canadians in our diverse society, including women, Indigenous Peoples, youth, seniors, Canadians with disabilities, new Canadians, and residents of rural and remote communities. The committee will also take into account the applicable constitutional, legal and implementation considerations, seeking out expert testimony on these matters.

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