Why Canadian federal electoral reform matters

Federal electoral reform is part of the Government’s stronger democracy agenda.

Canadians expect greater inclusion, transparency, meaningful engagement and modernization from their public institutions.

Federal electoral reform is part of the Government’s commitment to change. Canada has a strong and deeply rooted democracy. One way to protect our democratic values is by continuously seeking to improve the functioning of our democratic institutions—including our voting system.

The federal electoral system matters in the everyday lives of Canadians.

The electoral system is more than vote casting and counting—it is a way for Canadians to influence their future, give their consent to be governed, and hold their representatives accountable.

From the electoral process flow many debates, votes and laws that impact the everyday lives of Canadians. These debates, votes and laws affect the economy, the well-being of our families and children, and the health and vibrancy of our communities.

That’s why Canadian federal electoral reform matters. This is your opportunity to participate in a historic national dialogue about our democracy. Get involved today!

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