Why you should participate in the national dialogue on Canadian federal electoral reform

The federal electoral system serves Canadians and so it needs to reflect your values and priorities—the Special Committee on Electoral Reform wants to hear from you.

It is important to have an electoral system that represents who we are as Canadians. By consulting the public on electoral reform, the Government is creating space to examine and improve Canada’s federal electoral system—a foundation of our democracy.

The House of Commons has given the Special Committee on Electoral Reform the task of leading a national consultation process on Canadian federal electoral reform. Canadians have the opportunity to participate in this national dialogue and shape our future electoral system at the federal level.

Joining this historic dialogue will help strengthen the health of our democracy.

The Government hopes that this historic dialogue about Canadian federal electoral reform will inspire Canadians, including the next generation of voters, to become active participants in the democratic process—both during and in between elections. This process of examination and discussion will strengthen our democratic culture and practices, something from which all Canadians can benefit.

It’s your democracy and your government—get involved, begin the dialogue, get others talking, and help shape the future of Canada’s democracy.

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