Step 2: Promote your Canadian federal electoral reform event

Once you have decided on your planning details, you are ready to spread the word, invite participants and promote your community dialogue:

  1. Invitation. A high turnout at an event is often directly related to how people were invited. Some people you hope will attend may have a scheduling conflict—but overall participation rates increase with a good invitation process. Feel free to use these sample invitation templates or develop your own invitation, which should include:

    1. A clear statement on the purpose of the gathering
    2. Themes or topics to be discussed
    3. All details regarding when, where and for how long the event will take place
    4. What is expected of those attending the event
  2. Promotion. If yours is a larger public event, you may want to promote it widely. Consider one or more of the following options (see also sample templates you may use or adapt):

    1. Media advisory
    2. Social media
    3. Community event boards
    4. Posters/flyers
    5. Interviews with local media (e.g. TV, radio)
    6. Advertising
  3. List your event on our calendar of events. Let us—and the rest of Canada—know you are taking part in the national dialogue on Canadian federal electoral reform by listing your event on our calendar of events.

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