Sample supply checklist for your Canadian federal electoral reform event

The amount and type of supplies required for your event will vary depending on a number of factors. Below is a basic event checklist that you can adapt or use as a reference in planning and preparing your event.

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Welcome and registration
Registration sign-in forms (and pencils/pens) (if desired)
Event guest list (if you asked people to register)
Handouts / background information (if desired)

Refreshments (if desired)
Drinks (and cups)
Treats/snacks (and serving instruments if necessary)
Napkins and/or plates

Audiovisual (if desired)
Projector and/or screen
Adaptor cable(s)
Extension cord
Any necessary software
Speaker(s) and/or microphone(s)

Facilitator/hosting supplies
Facilitator guide
Phone and/or timer

Activity supplies (if desired)
Cue cards
Pens and/or pencils
Tape (painter’s tape, masking, etc.)
Exercise-specific supplies

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