Is your community #FloodReady?

Learn how you and your neighbours can work together to help prepare your community for overland flooding.

While governments and first responders do their part when floods happen, there are many things you can do to organize and inform the people in your community to take individual measures to prevent flood damage to homes, as well as to respond to an emergency.

This page has a poster you can download, print, and share with your community (or post in your community centre), a tip sheet with practical ways you can help your community be #FloodReady, and digital content you can share personally, or on your community social media, newsletters, or email groups.

Tip Sheet

Four ways you can help your community by #FloodReady.


Inspire your neighbours to be a part of your #FloodReady community. Share this print-friendly poster with your online community groups or pin it on your community's bulletin board.


Educate and recruit your social network to create more #FloodReady communities.

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