Window protection

Properly protecting your windows is an essential part of preventing floodwater from entering your home.

6 practical steps to protect your windows

Windows let a lot of good things into our homes, like sunshine or a nice breeze. Unfortunately, a window that's not sealed correctly can also bring in water — and that can cause serious damage to your home. Secure your windows with these simple steps:


TEXT ON SCREEN: Be Flood Ready: Roof and Window Protection

Narrator: Flooding is inevitable. Fortunately, a lot of the damage it can cause isn't — if you're prepared.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 6 quick steps you can take to help make your roof and windows flood ready.

Narrator: Here are six quick steps you can take to make your roof and windows flood ready:

TEXT ON SCREEN: 1. Clear eavestroughs and gutters

Animation of someone cleaning leaves out of a gutter.

Narrator: Check your eavestroughs and gutters for any debris. You should do this regularly — gutter gunk can build up quickly!

TEXT ON SCREEN: 2. Check for ice dams

Animation showing a gutter, which suddenly has ice appear on it. Then a ladder slides into frame, and pans down to show that the gutter is up high.

Narrator: You should also check for ice dams, or ice buildup, in the winter months. And don't forget about safety! Ask a friend or hire a professional for help if you're working up high.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 3. Extend your downspouts

The screen is split in two animations, both showing a downspout that is not extended far enough from the house. The downspout on the right extends, until an arrow appears showing that it is 2 metres away from the house.

Narrator: Make sure downspouts extend at least 2 metres from your home. If they don't, you can buy an extension kit at your local hardware store.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 4. Set up a rain barrel

Animation showing water coming out of a downspout into a rain barrel.

Narrator: You can also set up a rain barrel to catch any runoff from your roof.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 5. Weather seal windows and doors

Animation of someone sealing a window.

Narrator: To prevent water from getting in, use sealant around all windows and beneath any ground-level doors.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 6. Install flood barriers

Animation of flood barriers being dropped into place in front of a house.

Narrator: You should add flood shields or barriers to basement windows and doors, too. Your roofs and windows can do a lot to protect you from the elements — if they're ready for it.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Taking simple steps now can save you time, money, and stress if there's a flood in your future.

Narrator: Taking simple steps now can save you time, money, and stress if there's a flood in your future.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Don't wait for the water!

Narrator: Don't wait for the water. Find out how you can act now to prevent flood damage later.

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