Six reasons you need to be Flood Ready


Being Flood Ready can save money, properties and lives. The following are just a few of the reasons to make sure you're prepared for overland flooding events.

  1. Residential overland flooding, in general, is not covered by standard property insurance. Talk to your insurer about the types of water damage that are covered by your policy.
  2. If water got into your property during a previous flood, it could happen again – unless you take action.
  3. Many Canadians use finished basements as extra living space, which means that basements now have more furniture and expensive electronics that could be damaged by a flood.
  4. Floods can cause mould to grow, and this can have long-term health impacts on your family.
  5. Homes in older neighborhoods are usually more vulnerable from overland flooding, but newer homes can also be at risk, especially homes built in flood-prone areas like ravines.
  6. Climate change is expected to continue to impact the amount and distribution of rain, snow, and ice and the risk of extreme weather events such as heavy rainfalls and related flooding.

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