The Government’s decision

The expansion project was approved

We approved the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) project because it is in the Canadian public interest. Canadians understand that the environment and the economy go hand in hand. That is what our decision was about.

Read the explanatory note that accompanies the Government of Canada’s decision.

Why is this good for Canada?

This project also benefits:

How we made the decision

What information supported the decision?

In making its decision to approve the TMX, project, the government took into consideration a wide variety of information, including:

CER’s 156 conditions

View the 156 conditions required to be satisfied through the Trans Mountain interactive conditions tool.

CER’s 16 recommendations

View a summary of CER’s 16 recommendations to the government, related to marine shipping.

Accommodation Measures

View the eight accommodation measures that are being put in place to address specific Indigenous concerns.

Amended conditions

View the six amended conditions strengthened by the government.

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