Backgrounder - Ongoing Support for Research and Media Literacy Projects as Canada Continues to Fight Online Disinformation


The Government of Canada supports more than 50 projects to help counter online disinformation

Organization Name Project Name Funding
Centre d’études sur les médias Développement et expérimentation d’outils éducatifs pour contrer la désinformation en ligne chez les jeunes adultes $40,292 (2019–2020)
$165,450 (2020–2021)
NorQuest College Engaging New Canadians through Digital and Civic Literacy $96,931 (2019–2020)
$238,796 (2020–2021)
CIVIX Evaluating Digital Civic Literary Education-Contemporary Skills in a Canadian K12 Context $184,990 (2019–2020)
$309,330 (2020–2021)
Emily Taylor Mechanisms of Virality: A comparative stufe of organic engagement and advertising in disinformation campaigns $19,500 (2019–2020)
$13,750 (2020–2021)
Manchester Metropolitan University Visual Media Literacy for Combatting Disinformation: Analysing How Teachers Used the Questioning Images Resource During the 2019 Canadian Federal Elections $41,249 (2019–2020)
$173,588 (2020–2021)
Concordia University - Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies Mapping Online Hate in Canada $33,246 (2019–2020)
The Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning/McGill University The Digital Media Observatory $345,000 (2019–2020)
$207,000 (2020–2021)
Ryerson University Candian Disinformation Research Network $99,460 (2019–2020)
$125,840 (2020–2021)
Upstream Information in the Age of COVID-19 $75,000 (2019–2020)
$20,000 (2020–2021)
MediaSmarts Critical Thinking in the Digital Age: Countering Coronavirus Misinformation $654,134 (2020–2021)
Société de l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick Portail de vérification des faits sur le COVID-19 / Fact-Checking portal on COVID-19 $82,225 (2019–2020)
$352,500 (2020–2021)
Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec COVID-19 : Dépister la désinfo / COVID-19: Track the facts $330,164 (2020–2021)
Institute for Canadian Citizenship Supporting New Canadian Citizens: Dispelling Discriminatory Disinformation Around COVID-19 $490,880 (2020–2021)
Digital Public Square Countering Disinformation Relating to COVID-19 $13,442 (2019–2020)
$665,734 (2020–2021)
Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic Empowering, Engaging and Equipping Canadians to Combat Anti-Asian Racism through Online Resources and Social Media: A Study to Advance Policy Development and Systemic Change $301,904 (2020–2021)
Asian Environmental Association (Hua Foundation) Combatting COVID-19 disinformation in Vancouver's Chinese and Vietnamese language communities $64,660 (2020–2021)
ACCT Foundation Mobilizing community capacity and community research to address the collateral damage of COVID-19 pandemic- Anti-Asian Racism $309,000 (2020–2021)
Centre de recherche action sur les relations raciales COVID-19: Say No to Discrimination: Civic Information and Mobilization Initiative / LA COVID-19: Dites non à la discrimination – une initiative civique d’information et de mobilisation $68,100 (2020–2021)
Bilal Community and Family Centre Inc. Countering Digital Disinformation on COVID-19 to the Black and Newcomer communities $40,000 (2020–2021)
Calgary Animated Objects Society Disinformation Warriors $40,000 (2020–2021)
Centennial Centre of Science and Technology (operating as Ontario Science Centre) Virtual Science Center - Covid Content and Critical Thinking $40,000 (2020–2021)
City of Toronto Social Inclusion Through Facts During COVID-19 $40,000 (2020–2021)
Clear Sky Connections The AtHoc Communications Solution $40,000 (2020–2021)
Club Ami Lutte contre la désinformation en ligne par le développement des compétences numériques $21,000 (2020–2021)
Concordia University-Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies Canadian Coalition to Counter COVID Digital Disinformation $39,270 (2020–2021)
Corporation of the County of Northumberland Cybersecurity in Northumberland County $27,400 (2020–2021)
Discovery Centre Bias Busters $40,000 (2020–2021)
Evidence for Democracy Combatting misinformation through evidence-based tools for digital literacy and scientific knowledge transfer, and development of policy options $40,000 (2020–2021)
First Peoples Radio Inc - ELMNT FM COVID-19 PSAs $40,000 (2020–2021)
Grandir sans frontières Citoyenneté 3.0 $40,000 (2020–2021)
La voix acadienne Qui dit vrai? La COVID-19 et la désinformation en ligne $39,900 (2020–2021)
Latincouver Cultural and Business Society Latinos Moving Forward $40,000 (2020–2021)
Mouvement des intervenants et des intervenantes en communication radio de l’Ontario (MICRO) Contrer la désinformation / mésinformation sur la COVID-19 $40,000 (2020–2021)
New Canadian Media Bridging the Mainstream-Ethnic Digital Divide in COVID-19 Literacy $40,000 (2020–2021)
Publications Senior inc.-Bel Âge Citoyen branché - Ma sécurité, j’y tiens! $33,460 (2020–2021)
Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association SK SPOT Fake News Online – COVID $39,908 (2020–2021)
Science North Teaching Audiences to Recognize and Address Online Disinformation through Hands-on Science Learning at Science North $40,000 (2020–2021)
Science Timmins Inc. Facts and Myths about COVID-19 in the Digital World $40,000 (2020–2021)
SUPRE Incorporated SUPRECITIZEN001 $38,552 (2020–2021)
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs Spreading the Virus: Combatting the Dissemination of Antisemitism through Online Disinformation $38,000 (2020–2021)
Toronto TechWorks, Inc Project Kate--The COVID Crusader $39,500 (2020–2021)
United Cultures of Canada Association Strengthening Commitment to Canada Among New Canadians in the Face of COVID $39,654 (2020–2021)
Institute on Governance An Examination of How Social Media Narratives Affect Trust in Government $100,000 (2020–2021)
Iris Communications Mapping & pre-empting COVID-19 disinformation in Canada $99,500 (2020–2021)
Kingdom Acts Foundation Evaluating the Impact of Disinformation on Diverse and Marginalized Communities in Canada $70,500 (2020–2021)
MacEwan University Misinformation across Social Media Platforms and across Countries $69,000 (2020–2021)
Ryerson University- Democratic Enngagement Exchange Mitigating disinformation at the front lines - Building open source Canadian tools to research and counter misinformation and disinformation in both official and non-official languages $97,407 (2020–2021)
Simon Fraser University- International CyberCrime Research Centre Deploying Artificial Intelligence to Combat Covid-19 Disinformation on Social Media $96,600 (2020–2021)
York University Tracking the Social Impacts of Disinformation through Images Shared on Social Media $99,956 (2020–2021)

Association ISOC Qu

Diversité, Visibilité et Découvrabilité $70,094 (2020–2021)
Concordia University - Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies Canadian Women Leaders’ Digital Defence Initiative $55,634 (2020–2021)

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