Backgrounder - Building a More Inclusive Canada: The Government of Canada Announces Funding for Anti-Racism Projects Across the Country


Strengthening diversity and inclusion is fundamental to promoting a more consciously inclusive society, where everyone is able to participate fully in economic, cultural, social and political spheres. Through the Anti-Racism Action Program, the Government of Canada is investing $20.4 million to fund 92 anti-racism projects that aim to remove systemic barriers faced by Indigenous peoples, racialized communities and religious minorities.

*Projects previously announced during the National Summit on Antisemitism on July 21, 2021 and the National Summit on Islamophobia on July 22, 2021.


Organization: First Light St. John’s Friendship Centre Inc.

Title: First Peoples Policy Forum

Description: The project aims to break down cultural barriers for Indigenous peoples, to increase cultural understanding and collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and to empower Indigenous peoples in the creation of provincial policies.

Funding Amount: $253,940

Organization: Nunatsiavut Government

Title: Improving Inter-Cultural Understanding of Inuit in Newfoundland and Labrador

Description: The project aims to address systemic barriers within the justice system by engaging professionals working within the justice system in Newfoundland and Labrador and members of the Inuit community.

Funding Amount: $352,660

Organization: First Light St. John's Friendship Centre Inc.

Title: Digital Literacy and You: Training Modules

Description:  The project aims to offer training to help combat cyber racism, increase digital literacy skills and develop a public campaign.

Funding Amount: $362,900



Organization: African Nova Scotian Music Association (The)

Title: Lift Every Voice

Description:  The project aims to conduct a research study to qualify the lived experiences of Black Nova Scotian musicians as it relates to accessing employment and opportunities to participate within the music industry.

Funding Amount: $89,600

Organization: Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre

Title: Driving Diversity in our Health Workforce for Indigenous p

eoples and Africa Nova Scotian Communities: Operationalizing Action on Systemic Barriers

Description:  The project aims to analyze gaps in the IWK’s workforce to promote strategic recruitment and to represent the patients, families, and regions served by the IWK.

Funding Amount: $146,700

Organization: Recreation Nova Scotia

Title: Nova Scotia Anti-Racism and Discrimination Charter in Recreation

Description: The project aims to create a whole-sector approach to addressing racism and discrimination with the goal of having more Indigenous peoples, racialized communities and religious minorities participate in recreational sport and cultural activities.

Funding Amount: $123,000

Organization: YMCA of South West Nova Scotia

Title: Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship in Youth

Description: The project aims to expand the current youth programs to include a multi-literacy approach as a crucial strategy in the digital era to empower young people to combat online hate.

Funding Amount: $120,370


Organization: Joint Economic Development Initiative Inc.

Title: Atlantic Indigenous Reconciliation - Employer Action Plan

Description: The project aims to address barriers to employment for Indigenous peoples by  promoting diverse, inclusive and welcoming workplaces where Indigenous peoples receive equitable opportunities to participate fully in the Canadian workforce.

Funding Amount: $193,200

Organization: Oromocto First Nation

Title: #RacismNoMore

Description: The project aims to focus on bringing people of all ages together in various forums to learn about the culture, traditions and the true history of the First Nations peoples with the goal of reducing barriers for the members of the Oromocto First Nation.

Funding Amount: $121,250



Organization: Community Media Advocacy Centre 

Title: Building an Anti-Racism Strategy for Canadian Broadcasting: Conversation & Convergence 

Description: This project aims to address employment-related barriers facing racialized communities, including: Indigenous peoples and religious minorities in Canadian broadcasting and media through a series of engagements across Canada.  

Funding Amount: $133,822 


Organization: Black Students Mental Health Project - BSMHP

Title: Fracturer le silence pour l'inclusion professionnelle et la participation sociale des étudiant(e)s des communautés noires

Description: The project aims to reduce barriers to employment and social participation of Black students through the implementation of workshops, the creation of a documentary produced by Black students, as well as educational training modules that will be distributed in academic and key employment sectors.

Funding Amount: $226,798

Organization: Bureau de la communauté haïtienne de Montréal

Title: Justice pour tous

Description: The project aims to reduce barriers to justice related to the disproportionate representation of Black and racialized children in Montréal’s youth protection system.

Funding Amount: $400,000


Organization: Centre d'amitié autochtone de Val-d'Or Inc.

Title: Kinawit, L'aventure Anicinabe - Vers une Programmation de guérison autochtone et de réconciliation culturelle

Description: The project aims to develop Indigenous healing and cultural reconciliation programming by establishing key partnerships within the Abitibi population.

Funding Amount: $416,400

*Organization: The Afghan Women’s Centre 

Title: Empowering racialized women: Social participation, social justice and systemic change. 

Description: The project will address gaps in social participation and access to employment for Central Asian women in Quebec, primarily from Muslim backgrounds, which will address issues of isolation and disengagement in society. 

Funding Amount: $203,702 

Organization: Centre social d'aide aux immigrants

Title: Silence discriminAction!

Description: The project aims to implement an awareness campaign consisting of 12 video clips on systemic racism when it comes to employment and justice.

Funding Amount: $113,648

Organization: Wapikoni Mobile Corporation

Title: Soutenir le développement et le rayonnement des talents autochtones pour agir à l’intersection des obstacles d’accessibilité et lutter contre l’invisibilité

Description: The project aims to reduce barriers to employment and social participation of Indigenous youth through arts, culture, and awareness among policy makers, institutions, and private companies.

Funding Amount: $587,313

Organization: Desta Black Youth Network

Title: DESTA Black Justice Program 2021-2023

Description: The project aims to combat systemic justice-related barriers facing racialized individuals affected by the criminal justice system in Quebec, which have resulted in an overrepresentation of this population in the prison system, as well as higher rates of recidivism.

Funding Amount: $102,450

Organization: Équipe R.D.P.

Title: Forum jeunesse des communautés noires

Description: The project aims to enable young people from Black communities to submit their recommendations for changes in the services offered to the community in order to fight discrimination effectively.

Funding Amount: $340,000


Organization: Centre multiculturel de ressources de Lasalle (CMRL)

Title: Changing Black Youth’s Future (CBYF)

Description: The project aims to unmask the discriminatory mechanisms that exist in schools and the career pipeline for Black youth. This initiative aims to address the lack of race-based data on the disparities and gaps facing Black students and their families in Quebec’s education system.

Funding Amount: $425,000

Organization: Maison d'Haïti

Title: Traces et présences

Description: The project aims to offer activities to French-speaking Black communities in Montréal’s St-Michel neighbourhood in order to provide more equitable access to culture.

Funding Amount: $279,810

Organization: Média Sayaspora Media

Title: Construis ton ascension | Making Your Way Up

Description: The project aims to address employment and professional mobility barriers facing young Black women aged 18-30 who are underrepresented in the work force, excluded from higher positions and from opportunities in entrepreneurship, despite their qualifications and education levels.

Funding Amount: $128,684


Organization: Missions Exeko

Title: Au carrefour des égalités

Description: The project aims to support Indigenous peoples affected by racism and to increase public awareness of the benefits of cultural diversity and the path toward reconciliation.

Funding Amount: $113,500

Organization: Motivation-Jeunesse 16/18 Inc.

Title: Inclusion Canada

Description: The project aims to propose a set of activities for local youth to build bridges. It will offer an informal space to spark positive encounters as well as help dispel prejudices, stereotypes and the dominant narrative that precedes professional encounters for these youth. 

Funding Amount: $99,811

Organization: The Centre for Community Organizations

Title: Diversité en œuvre

Description: The project aims to help reduce the barriers to employment experienced by Indigenous, Black, and racialized people in the community through training and organizational support.

Funding Amount: $184,628


*Organization: ZMQ Global 

Title: Window of Quebec 

Description: The project will use the “Your Story Teller” app technology to create “digital talking comics” that will document grassroots testimonials of five marginalized communities in Québec (Indigenous, Black, Arab-Muslim, Latin American, and South Asian). The digital tool will aim to build knowledge, change attitudes and develop new practices to address systemic barriers within the employment sector.

Funding Amount: $287,840 

Organization: Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes inc (TCRI) 

Title: Des communautés accueillantes et inclusives en régions, pour un "Meilleur Vivre ensemble" au Québec 

Description: The project, which will be deployed in seven administrative regions of Quebec, will mobilize TCRI member organizations, employers and participants in order to define the most appropriate needs, tools, and training that is needed to fight racism in employment and reduce systemic barriers to employment.

Funding Amount: $375,000 




Organization: Inner City Outreach

Title: Youth Employment and Development Program

Description: The project aims to establish a mentorship program that will enhance the skills of Black youth ages 16 to 24 living in Toronto’s Jane and Finch neighbourhood.

Funding Amount: $41,416

Organization: Makeway Charitable Society

Title: East Scarborough Works for Equity (ESW-E)

Description: The project aims to address systemic barriers to employment for racialized and marginalized employees and job seekers in East Scarborough.

Funding Amount: $238,707

Organization: La Coopérative Radiophonique de Toronto Inc.

Title : STOP RACISME 105.1

Description: The project aims to implement an awareness campaign against racism and discrimination, with participation from partners and experts from various racialized, Indigenous and religious minority communities in regards to employment, justice, social participation and online interactions.

Funding Amount: $49,999

Organization: Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak (Les)

Title: Changing the Tides: Understanding and Combatting Stereotypes and Online Hate against Indigenous Women, Girls and Gender-Diverse People

Description: The project aims to address the online hate and negative stereotypes against Indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people with activities that aim to develop tools for countering online hate and raise awareness among non-Indigenous Canadians.

Funding Amount: $659,201

*Organization: Canadian Arab Institute 

Title: Breaking Down to Build Up: Debunking Arab Identity Myths and Tackling Racism 

Description: This project aims to combat racism and discrimination experienced by Arab-Canadians by creating videos and shows. 

Funding Amount: $184,000 

*Organization: Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke 

Title: Somali Muslim Hate Crime Summit 

Description: The project aims to improve the community’s capacity to address online hate on social media and other cyber domains, and to develop solutions.  

Funding Amount: $75,000  

*Organization: United Jewish Appeal Federation of Toronto 

Title: Online Hate Research and Education Program 

Description: The project aims to address online hate by identifying different forms of hate in a variety of internet sites and social media platforms, and by developing strategies to empower young people to respond to the spread of hate.  

Funding Amount: $340,000 

Organization: Aboriginal Peoples Alliance of Northern Ontario

Title: Blazing Trails for Indigenous Youth Justice

Description: The project aims to address the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth in the correctional system, through a justice education and mentorship program for off reserve First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth aged 12-25, and to engage them in experiential learning opportunities.

Funding Amount: $512,000

Organization: Algoma University

Title: Shifting Indigenous Front-Line Tactics (SHIFT)

Description: The project, a partnership between Algoma University and the Children of Shingwauk (former residential school) Alumni Association, aims to bridge the cultural knowledge gap between public service agencies, the private sector, and Indigenous communities by encouraging an environment of greater cultural understanding towards Indigenous peoples.

Funding Amount: $262,500

Organization: Amherstburg Freedom Museum

Title: Amherstburculturelink Freedom Museum Mentorship & Freedom Achievers Program

Description: The project aims to establish a mentorship program for local racialized youth in which mentors and diverse community builders will discuss barriers they faced and challenges they overcame, to create positive change.

Funding Amount: $11,602

Organization: Association canadienne des femmes venant du Burundi - Haguruka

Title: Discutons à cœur ouvert pour combattre le racisme systémique

Description: The project aims to highlight systemic barriers that negatively impact the lives of Black Francophone youth and develop community-based solutions on these issues.

Funding Amount: $81,350

Organization: Association of Ontario Midwives

Title: Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) Initiative to Dismantle Racism in Midwifery Profession and Education

Description: The project aims to educate and dismantle racism in the midwifery profession by developing a strategy to dismantle the structural and institutional racism in this profession that create inequities in employment opportunities.

Funding Amount: $224,936

Organization: Children's Peace Theatre

Title: Black Family Freedom School - Toronto

Description: The project aims to engage families in fighting for a mandatory Black curriculum in Ontario, writing a community-based Black curriculum for Grades 1-6 and participating in workshops related to educational activism.

Funding Amount: $250,000

Organization: Chinese Canadian National Council

Title: Cultivating Anti-Racism Allies from Newcomers to Young Professionals

Description: The project aims to focus on anti-racism training for Chinese speaking newcomers, training for East Asian Canadian lawyers on how to advocate for racial and social justice, and the development of recommendations for policy changes regarding hate crimes targeting Asian Canadians.

Funding Amount: $240,000

Organization: Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

Title: Calling out racism

Description: The project aims to develop workshops for racialized women (primarily from the Asian community) to learn how to identify and prevent racism, encourage social participation and inclusiveness, develop tools and a community website to support victims of hate.

Funding Amount: $151,205

Organization: Culturelink Settlement and Community Services

Title: Women of Courage: All of our Stories

Description:  This project aims to engage women that are racialized newcomers to develop an anti-racist art and a digitally-based engagement project. They will be engaged in personal narrative writing, drama, and story making while providing digital literacy and social media skills in several key Toronto museum sites.

Funding Amount: $227,636

Organization: Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre

Title: Confronting Racism in Durham

Description: The project aims to raise awareness of and share strategies to confront the overt, unconscious and systemic racial discrimination within the region.

Funding Amount: $225,801

Organization: Experience Sikhi Organization

Title: The experience Sikhi Project

Description: The project aims to strengthen professional networks for Sikh youth in Canada. The lack of these professional resources is considered a systemic barrier for Sikh youth achieving meaningful employment and professional development opportunities.

Funding Amount: $120,880

Organization: Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre Inc.

Title: N'dagwaginzidimin: Indigenous Youth building Community

Description: The project aims to address the barriers and experiences of Indigenous youth and adults transitioning from the reserve to an urban environment by offering cultural activities and teachings, employment and training workshops, action-plans for participants, and network building.

Funding Amount: $416,000

Organization: Grand Council Treaty #3 Representative Services Inc.

Title: Youth First Nations and the Justice System

Description: The project aims to develop and deliver a series of educational workshops for Indigenous communities, with emphasis on Indigenous youth, and for local justice officials as well. The workshops will increase community members’ understanding of the mainstream justice system and their rights within the system.

Funding Amount: $346,700

Organization: Parry Sound Friendship Centre

Title: Cultural Competency Initiative

Description: The project aims to develop and deliver a series of activities to educate non-Indigenous individuals about Indigenous culture, current issues and appropriate protocol to use when dealing with Indigenous people.

Funding Amount: $225,000

Organization: Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre

Title: Activated and Connected

Description: The project aims to enhance the capacity for the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre to provide sport and recreation activities to a community known for its vulnerable populations.

Funding Amount: $216,810

Organization: John Howard Society of Ontario

Title: JHS Employment Pilot Project

Description: The project aims to promote employment and social participation by providing crucial skills and networks to individuals from marginalized communities who may also be justice involved.

Funding Amount: $433,225


*Organization: La'aD Canada Foundation 

Title: CARE: Combatting Antisemitism through Research and Education 

Description: La’ad Canada Foundation will implement the CARE: Combatting Antisemitism through Research and Education project that will focus on inter-community outreach and cultural sensitivity training to public sector employees who are most likely to interact with the Jewish community.  

Funding Amount: $154,200 

Organization: Matawa First Nations Management

Title: Matawa First Nations Anti-Indigenous Racism Action Plan Using an Intersectional Focus on Indigenous and Francophone Communities in Northern Ontario

Description: The project aims to include the creation of an Aboriginal Anti-Racism Hub within the Matawa First Nations Branch, serving as a bridge between these 13 Northwestern Ontario communities to address the issue of racism and discrimination.

Funding Amount: $355,208

Organization: Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

Title: Breaking Down Barriers to Racialized Communities through Building Community Research and Knowledge Capacity

Description: The project aims to tackle the issue of systemic racism in the labour market and the unequal level of social participation by racialized communities as a result of racialized poverty and systemic racism.

Funding Amount: $286,910

Organization: Midaynta Community Services

Title: Mending the Crack in the Sky

Description: The project aims to engage in transformative community change, activism and address barriers to justice by working with the Toronto Police Service to address institutional racism by improving areas of transparency, building trust and community safety.

Funding Amount: $275,000

Organization: Nigerian Canadians for Cultural, Educational and Economic Progress

Title: Youth Justice Program

Description: The project aims to address the systemic barriers to justice by delivering a Youth Justice Program for racialized youth, by providing extrajudicial measures that focus on restorative justice methods.

Funding Amount: $219,420


Organization: Northern Nishnawbe Education Council

Title: Overcoming Systemic Barriers to Employment

Description: The project aims to address systemic barriers to employment for Indigenous youth who come from remote reserves to seek education and employment in Thunder Bay by providing online and in-person cultural competency training sessions to local businesses and educational resources to local employers.

Funding Amount: $250,000

Organization: Oasis Centre Des Femmes Inc.

Title: Connaissance de ses droits: agentivité des mères et des jeunes francophones face à la justice

Description: The project aims to address the systemic barrier to justice by conducting an action research project to better identify the systematic barriers experienced by racialized Francophone women who are in conflict with the law or whose children are in conflict with the law.

Funding Amount: $173,071

Organization: Ontario Black History Society

Title: Seeing is believing - expanding and achieving

Description: The project aims to address the systemic barrier to employment by delivering equity and diversity education seminars to companies in hopes of increasing awareness of the systemic barriers and eliminating biases/racism in their hiring processes.

Funding Amount: $160,000



Organization: Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

Title: Coalition-Building: A Project supporting the work of Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) counsellors at Ontario’s community-based sexual assault centres

Description: The project aims to address systemic barriers to employment for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour counsellors by creating and enhancing resources and practices that increase the capacity of community-based sexual violence centres in Ontario in their feminist anti-oppression and anti-racist counselling practices.

Funding Amount: $96,770

Organization: Regent Park Community Health Centre

Title: Addressing Anti-Racism in Regent Park through Trauma Informed Community Building Approaches

Description: The project aims to remove barriers to social participation of Regent Park residents who experienced trauma resulting from historic and structural racism, exclusion and isolation.

Funding Amount: $275,823

Organization: Return the Love Community Support

Title: Athletic Women Empowered – AWE

Description: The project aims to encourage anti-racism strategies and policies of key stakeholders in the Canadian sports business, media, and government sectors and to deliver diversity, equity and inclusion training.

Funding Amount: $200,000

Organization: Right Path World Arts Centre

Title: The AMANI Project

Description: The project aims to design a knowledge-sharing program to improve the career success rates for Canadian artists of African diasporic descent and to empower artists and educate arts organizations, educational institutions and arts workers on how to eliminate anti-Black racism in the arts sector.

Funding Amount: $53,635

*Organization: Riverdale Immigrant Women's Centre 

Title: Islamophobia Helpline for Muslim Women and Youth 

Description: The project aims to alleviate systemic barriers to justice experienced by Muslim women encountering Islamophobia, and to improve greater access to resources.

Funding Amount: $288,387 

Organization: Sentencing and Parole Project

Title: Sentencing and Parole Project

Description: The project aims to create a training program for justice professionals on anti-Black racism and how it impacts the Canadian criminal justice system.  

Funding Amount: $300,000


Organization: Somali Centre for Family Services

Title: YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Description: The project aims to address systemic racism and barriers to justice in relation to student equity suspensions and expulsions of Black students.

Funding Amount: $170,000

*Organization: Urban Alliance on Race Relations 

Title: Black and Muslim Youth Leadership Initiative 

Description: The Urban Alliance on Race Relations will improve Black and Muslim youth’s access to employment in government/public policy, justice system, environmental sector, arts, and technology in the Greater Toronto Area.   

Funding Amount: $235,800 

Organization: Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter

Title: Combatting Online Hate in Minority Language Media and Social Media: Understanding Misinformation in Chinese Language Media and Advancing Media Literacy

Description: The project aims to address the growth of online hate and misinformation in the minority language media in Canada and examine the presence of online hate on media platforms in the Chinese language media in Canada.

Funding Amount: $32,785

*Organization: Muslim Association of Canada 

Title: Ballers for Hope 

Description: The project aims to address systemic barriers to social participation for female Muslim youth, more specifically in sports by providing them with tools and support to improve their representation.

Funding Amount: $349,210



Organization: Returning to Spirit: Residential School Reconciliation Inc.

Title: The Power of Story - 1 Generation of Reconciliation for 1 Generation of Racism

Description: The project team will develop and implement programming that leads Indigenous participants and other various communities through deeply personal reconciliation to transform attitudes, perceptions and behaviours shaped by racism.

Funding Amount: $118,420



Organization: Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc.

Title: Decolonizing Anti-Racism: First Nations Women, Girls and LGBTQ2S individuals Empowerment Workshops and Advocacy for Safety and Security

Description: The project aims to address the immediate, medium-term and long-term safety and security, anti-racism, employment, justice and social participation for Indigenous women, girls and LGBTQ2S individuals in Manitoba.

Funding Amount: $500,000

Organization: Regional Connections Inc.

Title: Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Toolkit

Description: The project aims to educate employers and leaders on how to apply best practices to create more equitable and welcoming communities and workplaces, improve intercultural understanding, change behaviors between employers and employees and reduce racism in the workplace.

Funding Amount: $254,704



Organization: Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce

Title: Moose Jaw Economic Inclusion Partnership

Description: The project aims to increase understanding of the benefits of diversity and the importance of inclusion, increase interaction and cross-cultural competency, and create a welcoming community for marginalized populations.

Funding Amount: $170,000


Organization:  Daughters of Africa Resource Centre Regina Inc.

Title: From Awareness to Action: Dialogue on Removing Barriers to Employment

Description: The project aims to address systemic discrimination in the hiring process by identifying barriers and working with employers to recognize and eliminate them.

Funding Amount: $125,000




Organization: Umoja Community Mosaic (Formerly Soccer without Boundaries)

Title: Communities United through Sports, Arts & Volunteerism

Description: The project will use a community-based asset model to improve social participation of racialized communities, with a focus on black and Muslim communities and recent immigrants, by increasing their sense of belonging and civic engagement.

Funding Amount: $288,800

Organization: Action Dignity Society

Title: People's coalition to advance fairness and equity (People's CAFÉ)

Description: The project aims to convene and support a network of ethno-cultural grassroots organizations and equity-deserving groups to address systemic social exclusion that prevents racialized communities from fully participating in society.

Funding Amount: $245,675

Organization: Action for Healthy Communities Society of Edmonton

Title: P.A.S.S. - Participating in Arts, Sports and Society

Description: The project aims to address the barriers that contribute to low participation of racialized youth in sports by engaging multi-sectoral stakeholders from sports organizations and service providers.

Funding Amount: $233,430


Organization: Alliance Jeunesse-Famille de l'Alberta Society

Title: Agissons Ensemble - Let's Act Together

Description: The project aims to increase social cohesion, intercultural understanding and solidarity between young Francophones of African descent and other young Francophones in Alberta, in both rural and urban settings.

Funding Amount: $173,850

Organization: Council for the Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta

Title: Anti-Black Racism Community Capacity and Institutional Relationship Building

Description: The project aims to increase the level of participation of Black Canadians in decision-making bodies that inform social programs and public policies that affect them as well as by designing and delivering leadership training, coaching and internship placements for youth.

Funding Amount: $221,500

Organization: Edmonton Centre for Race and Culture

Title: Mobilizing Anti-Racism Knowledge

Description: The project aims to support and build the capacity of service providers to advocate for racial equity, address organizational and systemic barriers and to apply an anti-racist lens in the policies, programs and practices of their work.

Funding Amount: $222,020

Organization: Human Services Professionals Association

Title: Fair Representation of Racial Minority Leaders in Canadian Higher Education

Description: The project aims to address the underrepresentation of racialized individuals in leadership positions in post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

Funding Amount: $70,946


Organization: Riel Institute for Education and Learning

Title: Enhancing Indigenous Employment Opportunities

Description: The project aims to create a network of employers in the City of Calgary and surrounding areas who are engaged and promoting in Indigenous employment.

Funding Amount: $236,095


Organization: The ACCT Foundation

Title: Beyond good workers and model minorities - overcoming barriers to full civic participation & civic leadership development

Description: The project aims to increase civic engagement and social participation of Chinese-Canadians by addressing barriers to civic engagement, examining policy barriers to addressing anti-Asian hate, and resource sharing of the history of the Chinese community in Canada.

Funding Amount: $105,000

Organization: United Way of Calgary and Area

Title: Elders’ Knowledge Circle

Description: The project aims to establish an Elders’ Knowledge Circle, ensuring the next generation of Indigenous youth are able to learn from Elders, ensuring the preservation of culture, and providing opportunities for continuous employment for future generations.

Funding Amount: $68,750



Organization: Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre Society

Title: Youth leading reconciliation - digital literacy project

Description: The project aims to empower Indigenous youth to address online hate and promote youth based concepts of Reconciliation.

Funding Amount: $175,000


Organization: Black Boys Code Society

Title: Black Kids Code (Black Girls)

Description: The project aims to develop an early intervention program that will provide Black girls with opportunities to develop technology-related skills at an early age resulting in enhanced educational outcomes.

Funding Amount: $165,308


Organization: Lytton First Nation

Title: Lytton Restorative Justice Outreach, Education (Capacity Development) & Facilitation Development Project

Description:  The project aims to collaborate with school systems to engage at-risk youth in activities related to restorative justice.

Funding Amount: 125,540

Organization: M.O.S.A.I.C. Multi-Lingual Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities

Title: SCOPE (Social and Civic Opportunities; Pathways to Equity)

Description: The project aims to foster equitable social and civic engagement opportunities, decrease barriers to social and civic engagement, and increase access and representation in social and civic positions.

Funding Amount: $213,250

Organization: North Shore Multicultural Society

Title: Rethinking Assumptions: Unpacking Canadian Work Experience

Description: The project aims to examine the requirement of Canadian work experience when applying for employment and how this requirement often excludes racialized immigrants and newcomers from equitable participation in hiring processes.

Funding Amount: $247,653

Organization: Providing Advocacy Counselling & Education Society

Title: Creating Inclusive Communities

Description: The project aims to empower people within the racialized sex worker industry to help address the barriers to community space, social services, and employment opportunities.

Funding Amount: $110,000


Organization: Q'wemtsin Health Society

Title: Everyone Eats!  Decolonizing the Food System, Combating Racism And Building Community with Food

Description: The project aims to make progress towards decolonizing the food system and addressing the systemic barriers to social participation by reconnecting the culture with the importance of local Indigenous ways of knowing.

Funding Amount: $333,865

Organization: South Asian Legal Clinic Society of British Columbia

Title: Engaging Multicultural Youth and Families for Just Outcomes

Description: The project aims to build understanding of the legal system and human rights among the South Asian diaspora in British Columbia, as well as reducing barriers to employment, justice and social participation for South Asian community members.

Funding Amount: $148,000



*Organization: Al Ihsan Educational Foundation 

Title: Online Mosaic Anti-Hate Project/Islam Unravelled Project 

Description: This additional support will allow Al Ihsan Educational Foundation to expand its online anti-hate activities which include addressing Islamophobia and anti-Asian online hate.  

Funding Amount: $199,000 








Organization: Pinnguaq Association

Title: Digital skills, digital storytelling workshops

Description: The project aims to provide equity-seeking youth with an opportunity to overcome barriers preventing them from accessing future employment, while reclaiming their traditional stories.

Funding Amount: $51,180







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