The Government of Canada marks the first official Irish Heritage Month in Canada


OTTAWA–GATINEAU, March 1, 2022

Today, people across Canada will mark the start of the first official Irish Heritage Month. Irish Canadians have greatly contributed to the story of our country, and this month is an opportunity to learn more about their history and positive impact. 

After the Irish first began arriving in what was then known as New France in the 17th century, they often faced extreme poverty and discrimination. In the 19th century, many more arrived on famine ships. Despite many challenges, they thrived, and today, almost 4.6 million Canadians in towns and cities across Canada can trace their ancestry back to Ireland.

From suffrage movement leader Nellie McClung to musician Stompin’ Tom Connors, Irish Canadians have left an undeniable mark in the pages of Canadian history.

Throughout the month of March, I encourage Canadians to learn more about the rich history of Irish-Canadian communities, to remember and honour their legacy, and to celebrate their continued contributions to our country.


Arevig Afarian
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion

Media Relations
Canadian Heritage

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