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Transcript of Tin House (youth version) - Decoding ART - Heritage Monuments

[Signature of Canadian Heritage]

Narrator: “This capsule is presented by Canadian Heritage.

[People walking in front of Tin house]

Narrator: "What a cool idea to put the facade of a house on the wall of another house, don't you think? In fact it's really a work of art!"

[The façade fixed on the wall of the building]

Narrator: "Look how it's hanging on the wall like a painting might hang in your living room. Go ahead and get a closer look. It's empty and almost seems to be lightweight, but it's actually very heavy. It is the work of two men at two different periods in time."

[Facade of Tin house]

Narrator: "The first one was Honoré Foisy, who was a tinsmith – he made all kinds of things out of sheet metal. His house was very close to here and, instead of making a big sign to advertise his tinsmithing business, he decided to cover the whole front of his house in sheet metal to show his future customers how talented he was."

[Detailed architectural metal work]

Narrator: "He made the sheet metal look like all the different materials that made up his house: stone, brick and wood. After the house got to be about 100 years old or so, it was in such bad shape that it had to be torn down."

[Pieces of the tin facade stored outside]

Narrator: "But, the beautiful facade that Mr. Foisy had made was saved. Many years later, the second man in the story got involved – a sculptor named Art Price."

[Photos of pieces of the original metal work stored outside]

Narrator: "As you can probably imagine, because it was so old, the tin facade had to be repaired. So, Art Price re-created some of the pieces, restored the ones that could be saved, and, like a puzzle, rebuilt the facade bit by bit until it looked exactly like the one Honoré Foisy had made."

[Facade of Tin house re-created in the Sussex courtyard, showing rust]

Narrator: "You could actually say that the Tin House you're looking at is really the work of two very talented artists. What a great story!

[Facade of the second story after restoration]

Narrator: "If you could do it, what would you cover your house with?

[Canada wordmark]

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