Net benefit undertakings and Canadian cultural policy

Investors are encouraged to use the information below as a starting point in formulating their plans and commitments. The use of caveats, other than those provided for in the Investment Canada Act`s Administrative Procedures, is discouraged. Efforts to be as specific as possible will be appreciated.

Promoting Canadian content

Commitments to the creation, production, distribution, marketing and preservation of Canadian cultural products in Canada, through traditional and new media.

Cultural Participation

Commitments to nurturing new Canadian talent, to employment of diverse Canadians, to autonomy for executives of Canadian companies, to learning opportunities for staff, to partnerships/alliances with Canadian companies and/or learning institutions, particularly in relation to enhancing Canadian infrastructure through technology, know-how, e-commerce, training, internships, etc.

Active Citizenship and Civic Participation

Commitments to providing philanthropic contributions or in-kind gifts to cultural training institutions, studies, and initiatives designed to enhance Canada's civic life.

Where appropriate, the Department of Canadian Heritage will seek commitments from the investor to report on an undertaking using both contextual information and statistics, including breakdowns which delineate Canadian-created products from foreign-created products.

In addition to the departmental strategic objectives, the Department of Canadian Heritage is committed to as transparent a process as possible, keeping in mind the importance of confidentiality in relation to the investment review generally. In this regard, investors may be requested to agree to the public disclosure of key undertakings.

While commitments made in the context of an investment review are frequently quantitative and finite in nature, the Department of Canadian Heritage believes it is incumbent upon companies operating in the Canadian cultural sector to contribute to the ongoing development of Canadian cultural life. Commitments of a behavioral nature should normally be of long duration.

Strengthening Connections among Canadians

Commitments to the distribution and marketing of Canadian cultural products, and sponsorship of events and initiatives that showcase Canadian talent and stories

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