CAVCO Public Notice 2016-04 – May System Release

Gatineau, May 9, 2016

On May 7, 2016, CAVCO launched a new version of the on-line application system which includes a number of system enhancements intended to improve the overall user experience. These improvements were made to address some of the comments provided in the 2015 CAVCO Client Satisfaction Survey.

Here is a description of some of the new functionalities:

  1. Improved login/registration process
    • There are now less steps to register and create a PCH account which is required before you can submit an application.
    • All CAVCO services are now included in the PCH account. There is no longer a need to enroll in a specific service.
    • Personal Identification Number (PIN) reception process has now been automated - you will receive your PIN by email instantly and be able to complete the registration process.
  2. Enhanced communications tool
    • Alert messages sent to your email address are now much more prominent and will identify the production Case File (CF) number that they pertain to.
      • Clients will be also notified immediately via email once their application has been submitted to CAVCO.
      • We have improved the way clients are notified once their certificate has been released in order to ensure that this communication does not end up in their spam folder.
      • The email alert message will contain a direct link to the CAVCO application.
    • In the Message Centre, it is now easier to reply to messages from CAVCO employees. Clients are able to keep track of the communication history.
    • The visuals have been improved in the PCH account My Applications section in order for clients to be able to clearly identify new messages received and the number of unread emails in your in-box. Each message is linked directly to a specific case file in the Message Centre and will also be visible in the related application.
    • There is a new time-out message that prompts the clients to extend the session rather than timing out after the 20 minute period.
    • The file status field will contain additional details concerning your case file progress.
  3. Improved document attachment section
    • Instead of attaching all the documents in a separate section at the end of an application, clients are now going to be able to attach documents to the relevant sections of an application that they are working on.
      • For example, chain of title documents will be attached to the chain-of-title section of the electronic application, financing agreements will be attached to the funding section and so on.
      • Each of the sections features very detailed drop-down menus which provide clients with a multitude of possibilities when it comes to identifying these documents.
  4. New validation rules
    • New submission warning messages will be provided in the Summary Page.
      • This serves to ensure to minimize the back and forth between CAVCO and clients in order for analysts to have all the documentation and information required to perform a complete analysis of an application.
      • For example, if a client states that there is a broadcast license agreement with a broadcaster, the system will now prompt the client to attach a respective agreement before being able to proceed further with the application process.
  5. New import feature added
    • It will be possible for a client to import information from previous applications into new ones with minimal data entry.
      • New "Copy from" functionalities added to reduce data entry for clients (e.g. Copy client profile from previous applications).
      • It is easier to fill out the personnel section for series and assign personnel to specific or multiple episodes.
      • Names of personnel, CAVCO ID and functions occupied by key creative personnel provided in previous applications are now visible and can be used to populate related sections of new applications.
        • For example, if you are applying for a second season of a TV series and you are using the same group of screenwriters, you will be able to simply input the word "screenwriter" when adding your key creative personnel, and names of all screenwriters from the previous season will become available in a drop down menu.
        • A new filter feature was added to simplify research and adding individuals to the Personnel section.
  6. Improvements to the CAVCO ID application process
    • The CAVCO ID application can now be accessed from My Applications (main screen of your PCH account).
    • It is easier to view the application and update information when there is a change of information or citizenship status.
    • Clients are now able to add their artist’s name (Alias) in user profile.
    • CAVCO ID user profile page now specifies which attachments can be used as proof of Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency.
  7. Clients are now going to be able to print with ease previously submitted applications
  8. Number of general bug fixes have been implemented
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