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About the Program

The Exchanges Canada Program helps youth to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the country, while connecting with other youth in Canada.

Participants can go almost anywhere in Canada. They can discover a rural area or a city centre, a French- or English-speaking community, a province on the other side of the country or an equally exciting place closer to home. Participants develop a sense of national identity and attachment to Canada and its rich diversity. The program aims to involve youth participants from all walks of life, including Indigenous people, members of visible minorities or racialized communities and persons with disabilities.

The Exchanges Canada program has two components:

Youth Exchanges Canada

Youth Exchanges Canada supports a number of Canadian organizations in offering reciprocal exchanges for individual youth or groups of youth, generally between the ages of 12 and 17. Youth from different parts of the country are paired according to their ages and interests, then each participant takes a turn hosting their “twin” in their home.

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Youth Forums Canada

Youth Forums Canada funds Canadian organizations that provide workshops and conferences that connect youth – generally between the ages of 14 and 25 – who share a passion for Canadian issues, institutions, history, official languages, sports or the arts. Participants meet in a central location and spend time exchanging ideas, learning about Canada and exploring a unique Canadian community.

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