Definitions: Expense Categories and Items 

Administration Expenses
  • General Administration: Includes the following expenses for various programming activities or project components: rent, room rentals, electricity, water, telephone, Internet, office supplies. Please make sure to add details in this category.
  • Salaries, Fees and Benefits: Refers to the compensation paid to permanent and temporary staff. The organization must list its paid positions and state the percentage of salaries used for calculating benefits.
Artists and Performers Fees
Includes fees paid to artists/artisans/performers as well as their related travel expenses and copyrights.
Capital Expenses
Includes money spent by a company to add, build, develop, improve or renovate a property with the expectation that it will benefit the company over a long period of time (more than a year).
Consultant – Professional Fees
Includes all contract fees paid to resource persons and consultants and amounts paid for professional services, such as auditing of financial statements.
Environment Assessment Costs
Includes fees of a professional, only when there is an obligation for an environmental assessment.
Equipment Expenses
Includes software purchases and rental/purchase of equipment.
Site venue expenses: Includes fees for venue/tent/meeting room rentals, insurance, and permits
Hospitality Fees
Includes food and beverages offered during events (also included: napkins, utensils, plates, etc.).
Promotion and Communication
Includes brochures, community newsletters, newspaper ads, posters, messages sent out in the media, etc.
Training/Professional Development
Includes staff and volunteer training.
Includes the total cost of travel (train, air, bus, car, taxi) including meals and accommodation for meetings and eligible activities.
Refers to expenses that do not fit into any of the previous categories; the nature of these expenses must be identified. If the nature of the expenses is not identified, these expenses will be deemed ineligible. When in doubt, refer to the List of Regional Offices and National Headquarters Contact Information to contact a program officer to discuss the budget.
In-Kind Expenses

*Only for capital projects for community radio (Strategic Fund).

Includes services, material or equipment donations, expenses related to services rendered by volunteers associated to the project’s activities (excluding contribution to the organization’s democratic structure).

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