Honours and military symbols

National, provincial and territorial honours

Canadian honours play a key role in celebrating Canadians’ accomplishments as they contribute to their community, province, territory or to the entire country. As such, honours and the insignia that represent them hold an important place amongst Canada’s symbols, such as the Order of Canada whose motto and stylized snowflake also feature respectively in Canada’s coat of arms and in the Canadian Royal Crown.

The Canadian Honours System, which includes the Order of Canada, Decorations for Bravery, Meritorious Service Decorations, the Polar Medal, and the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, among others, is overseen by the Chancellery of Honours at the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.

Provincial and territorial honours are administered in their respective jurisdictions, and are included in the Canadian Order of Precedence for Orders, Decorations and Medals.

Military symbols

The flags, badges, and other emblems of the Canadian Armed Forces comprise a special part of Canada’s repertoire of symbols, and feature many beloved and iconic elements of Canadian visual identity, like the maple leaf, the beaver and the Royal Crown.

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