About official languages and bilingualism

Official Languages Branch

Our Goal

  • To promote French and English Languages in Canadian society.
  • To encourage the development of Francophone and Anglophone communities in minority situations.

Our Areas of Involvement

Cooperation with other governments

Our partnership with the provinces and territories aims to enable official-language minority communities:

  • to have access to education in their mother tongue;
  • to manage their schools;
  • to receive provincial and territorial services in their own language;
  • and to enable all young Canadians to learn French and English as a second language.

Community Development

Our support enables official-language minority communities:

  • to establish and maintain organizations that will allow them to fully contribute to the economic, cultural and social aspects of Canadian life;
  • to benefit fully from federal programs in all regions of the country through the coordination role that we undertake with other federal institutions.

Interdepartmental Relations and Accountability

We ensure a coordinated approach among federal institutions (FIs) to further the development of official-language minority communities (OLMCs) and to promote English and French in Canada. We fulfill our mandate in the following ways:

  • Supporting federal institutions in the implementation of section 41 of the Official Languages Act;
  • Facilitating networking among federal institutions and promoting best practices;
  • Developing training tools for federal institutions;
  • Tabling in Parliament the Official Languages Annual Report (Volume 2 - Achievements of designated federal institutions);
  • Coordination with central agencies;
  • Creating and maintaining a network of resource persons for regional interdepartmental coordination.


The bilingual character of our country is a fundamental part of our national identity:

  • we emphasize its advantages and rewards both in Canada and abroad;
  • we help voluntary organizations to reflect the bilingual character of our society in their own activities;
  • we encourage activities that foster mutual understanding between Anglophones and Francophones.

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