Sport Development Framework

The Sport Development Framework provides the structure for Sport Canada's leadership and funding programs to foster a strong sport system which enables Canadians to progress from early sport experiences to high performance excellence.  The Sport Development Framework sets out the logic for programs and policies, and is a guide for system analysis and decision-making. 

Based on the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development, the Sport Development Framework incorporates two major areas of interest to Sport Canada: the foundations for sport development, and the pathway from the introduction of basic sport skills to the achievement of high performance excellence.

The foundations are the preconditions for sport development – both positive attitudes towards sport and the acquisition of basic movement skills such as running, jumping, tumbling, wheeling and swimming.  These are the building blocks that enable Canadians to participate – and excel – in sport.  Sport Canada supports foundations through funding, and collaboration with provincial-territorial governments.

The pathway describes the systems, programs and services that support athlete progression from learning sport skills through the achievement of podium results.  There are many ways in which athletes move through the pathway – including participation in several sports.  Along the way, trained and skilled coaches, officials and sport leaders provide support.

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